Rose Doll Show Questions


SO, I may be able to go to the Rose Doll Show this year but have several concerns!

  1. Will I be okay going alone? I’m traveling from Charlotte, NC and may or may not have a friend come with me (It’s expensive and we’re both college students & she’s not much into reborns ahhh)
  2. Are there buses or taxis in Layton? I don’t know how to drive and am too young to rent a car anyhow.
  3. What is the closest and cheapest hotel? Goes along with question 2.

I will be hoping to sell this Ashton Drake “Cherish” doll I repainted, but she’s very much low quality because she is the first doll I’ve painted- That being said I do have a GoFundMe I just shamefully posted.


How nice to be able to go! I have never been, but I’m sure someone will come along soon to help you with your questions. Good Luck to you and your friend - she may fall in love with a Reborn, you never know!


Thank you! And yeah it’s quite pricey!


Have you listed your doll to sell?


Yes and no, I have listed her here on the discourse under Booboo baby/first doll. But I haven’t listed her on any of the Facebook pages yet because I’m going to take some safety photos in a little bit. I won’t be selling on ebay again because I have had quite a few “buyers” not pay. (Despite them having good reviews)


You will be fine going along. I had a time getting to my hotel because my flight was in the middle of the night. I met someone at my hotel that introduced me to a uber driver. He gave me his personal number that was two year ago and said next time just call a few days ahead and he would come get me. Very nice man. Half the price of a taxi. I think I’m renting a car this time though. Pm me I’ll give you his number. I’m sure the Hilton is sold out but it never hurts to ask. I’m staying at the Best Weatern and walking (they have a great breakfast) that saves money not eating out and just eating out once a day. The awards banquet and shower your served a meal. There are many places in walking distance to eat and shop(Target and mall are right there). You will have fun.


Awesome, thanks for all the info! And yes, I would love his number


I went alone and ubered. A few hotels are within walking distance to the show but u will need to Uber to/from airport. There are also some restaurants and a target within walking distance from the hotels. I heard of lots of folks going alone. You’ll be fine. It’s very safe.


Thank you!


@ShawnP, I don’t know how much it is to Uber from SLC airport to Layton but I take the Express Shuttle and it is $33 each way. One of the ladies last year took an Uber and I believe she said it was $56 each way ( I could be wrong) I would ask what anyone who has used them what they had to pay. The Hilton gives a reduced rate for ROSE Show Attendees however they have been sold out for quite some time. They MAY have some rooms at their regular rate which is quite expensive (I believe it’s $199 per night). There are other hotels quite close (walking distance) but don’t know anything about their pricing. It is quite costly going to ROSE if you attend the Events (Baby Shower is sold out) but the Doll Show itself is very reasonable. The Hilton has a little coffee shop where you can buy food and there is some other restaurants close around (walking distance). There is also a concessions booth on the Show Floor where you can get some quick lunch food only. Good Luck, if you are underage you may have a problem renting a hotel please check on this before you make any commitments. It is More Fun than you can imagine!! Hope to see you there!!


Where/how do you get the Express Shuttle?


Hey, Shawn. Try listing her on It’s onlly $9.99 a month + PayPal fees. I sell all my online babies there. I wouldn’t call her a boo boo baby, just state that you’re new to reborning.


I think is a good idea to list her on. It gets quite a bit of traffic and there are no selling fees except for your monthly fee which is either the $9.99 package or the $19.99 package. You dont have to renew every month either if you dont want. I have never been to Rose either but I do have room reserved at the Hilton hotel where the show is. I think it was around $109 a night with the Rose discount. I cant remember for sure. But you may want to keep an eye out as it gets closer. Some people end up cancelling their room because they cant make the show. I took a peek at your YouTube channel and subscribed. I have to say, it is nice to see a Male be part of this community as you dont see it often enough. I’m sorry about your moms miscarriage but I’m glad you were able to find reborns to help cope with the loss. Do you reborn as well besides the Ashton Drake you redid or do you plan to? I really hope you are able to make it to Rose this year.


@jlesser might be able to answer some questions about hotels nearby. I believe she had a map that she did last year that showed where some of the hotels were in relation to the show.


The first year I went I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express… and it had a free breakfast included (which is so nice)
The Hilton (attached to the convention center) does not.
The blue circle is Target which has groceries. (we bought food last year and put them in our fridge in our room at the Hilton. (as a vendor it makes more sense to be attached…)
The red circles are hotels/motels (I do not know if there are openings… I reserved my room months ago)
The large red circle is the conference center where the show is held
The green are restaurants.


I think what I’m going to do is stay at a surrounding Marriott (there are like 3 withing half a mile), My nana is some kind of member at Marriott so she may be able to get me a discount. Regardless, I don’t mind walking AT ALL haha, I walk 2.5 miles to my local walmart when the bus isn’t running. I might take the bus from the airport to somewhere closer and then take an uber to save money, or just take the bus all the way from the airport to Layton (I’m used to 9hr bus rides from Charlotte to DC, So I should be fine). Is 20 too young to rent?


Thank yo so much! Yeah unfortunately the Hilton is all sold out right now. I plan to try to reborn with airdry paints as long as I am in a dorm, then off campus I will start GHSP. It’s difficult to find time to do, But I love love the art of reborning!


Very helpful to see the layout thanks!


I booked my room at the Hilton the day the 2019 Rose show was announced. I bought tickets to the baby shower and awards banquet, too, as soon as they were available, because those sell out really fast. Now I just have to get enough money together to pay for the hotel and air fare. You should probably call the hotel and ask them if 20 is too young to book a room. If it is, maybe you could pay your grandma and she could get the room for you.
You may decide to stay with air dry paints. I started reborning with them and still love them. There’s no odor, no baking so no chance of melting your favorite kit, no increase in your utility bill and you can do it anywhere. I’ve taken reborn supplies with me when I had to stay in the hospital. (Yeah. I know. It’s an addiction. lol)


@Kate there is a free option now.