Rose Doll Show Questions


There is but the listing will not be posted on the site with the free option. He would need to post it himself on social media and forums and hope someone clicks on it.


What is the free option?


She mentioned the reborn .com memberships


I am going to do the free option when I sigh up.


At the air port right by the baggage carousel. When you make your reservation they ask for your flight info and so it’s really simple. I just get my suitcase, go to the Express desk and I’m on my way. Simple. Oh, and since they have your information, you don’t even have to call them to come and pick you up when you’re leaving, they show up at your hotel about 2 hours ahead of your flight out. They just tell you to be in the lobby of the hotel at such and such time. Simple, I have used them for the last 3 years.


Great. Thanks. What do they charge?


For the last three years I have paid $33 each way. I paid by my Credit card when I made the reservation so there was NOTHING to do when I arrived Or left. I think it is the best and safe.


I’m sure that plenty old enough, I thought you might be younger, didn’t want you to have any problems. Sure hope you get to go, make sure to wear a name tag and reference the BB forum on it so we will know who you are. Good Luck.


$33 is reasonable. I’ll be paying $40 for the airporter shuttle here. Do they go to the Hilton? They don’t have their own shuttle service. Can you give me their phone number?


Are you going to stay at the Hilton? I stay at the Hilton and they drop you right off at the front door. The Hilton does not have their own shuttle service. I don’t have the phone # off hand, I make my reservations online but I can look it up for you and get back to you. Or you can just go to the Express Shuttle at the SLC, Utah airport (or do it online). But you have to have your flight information first. Let me know if you need help.


Haha yeah I get about 12yrs old all the time! It’s a gift and a curse :smiley: my mom looks super young as well


Well, good for you AND your MOM!! You’ll both appreciate that in later years!!


Thanks. I can look it up. I don’t have my flight info yet. I’m working on getting the money I need. I hope I can get a reasonably priced one when I need it. My room at the Hilton is reserved, though.


I got carded until I was 30. Doesn’t happen anymore. Now I miss it. lol


I know that you have wanted to go for the past couple of years and it fell through, I’m praying that doesn’t happen this year, You’re gonna LOVE IT!! Wear a Name Tag with forum info and your forum name so we recognize you, Nothing is worse than to get home and realize someone was at the show and you didn’t get to meet them!!


Ha See I won’t miss the “where are your parents?” type of comments!


I think part of my money solution is going to be selling the doll, maybe doing a bake sale on my campus(hopefully), and my 20th birthday is next Friday so I’m just going to ask for money towards the hotel!


Don’t do what I did last year. I rented a car but they failed to let me know their office closed at 6. My flight arrived after 6. So I land, figure it out (after a half hour on the phone with endless menus) and try to rent from someone else. The lowest price for 2 days was $700 (they take advantage of last-minute and events in town). So I decide I’ll try Uber, which I had never used. My phone only had 10% charge and I had to download the app, register and figure out how to use it. No outlets nearby. When I downloaded it, it was forcing me to connect with Facebook, which I don’t use. Fail. Then I remember someone had posted a nice Uber drivers name in this forum, so I found it then called him and frantically tried to explain who I was what I wanted and that my phone was about to croak at any minute. Anyway he very luckily agreed to come get me. We made friends and he took me on a tour of the city (I paid him but not much). Even had lunch with him and his wife at their home. Then he took me back to the airport at the end of it all. So it worked out :slight_smile: I wasn’t aware of the express shuttle and I’d heard taxis were outrageous so I was kinda freaking out. Long story short, the express shuttle sounds like the best solution for me. Oh I paid $40 each way for the ride. Plus tip. Stayed at best western Layton park. Easy Peasy walk to the show. It was great and has free breakfast.


Yes, it’s a great deal and really easy to use. I sure hope they haven’t gone up in price since I’ve been recommending them. It works perfectly. Door to Door service. I think the price is really reasonable since Layton is a good ways from the airport.


He’s supper nice. Reminds me of an English gentleman.