Ryan pretty lil dress


Hi everyone ,Ryan is finally finish yeah my finger been really bad since I been in the hospital and have not been able to painted or rooted for almost two weeks.So I pull ryan out and I decided to take some picture of my ryan I hope you like her.I also made this dress a while back hope you like her and her lil dress .


Hope you are feeling better and just rest and enjoy your pretty baby that you made. I do love the dress and the way you rooted her hair is fantastic.


aww thank you so much my finger is feeling much better thank you so much .I have try really hard on the hair thank you for noticing thank you


Nice job, and I love the hair.


very nice


oh gosh how cute is that


Precious baby! I love her hair and gown. Great job!


I love the lip color. I do have one question - does she have eyebrows? Wasn’t sure if it was just me or the photo or if you forgot them. I’ve done that before so thought I’d ask!


Love both baby and dress! :0)


i love its just too cute


Glad you’re feeling better…gorgeous baby and I love her dress! Nice to see you posting here.


I LOVE the dress! Beautiful, the lace really tops it off. Your baby is adorable!