Saskia is done



So cute :yum: I love saskia, I have the sculpt for awhile but never started yet.:smirk:


Hes my first Saskia. Ive heard people say that certain kits “seem to paint themselves”. I never understood it til now. This kit was amazing to paint!


Very cute. And I agree, it does all but paint itself. If it weren’t for having to fight with the eyes, I’d paint more versions.


Very cute! I just love it!


I’ve never done Saskia…


Beautiful Saskia. This is one of my very favorite sculpts.


My favorite! I have to get another one since mine is gone! She was wonderful to paint!


I had no troubl3 at all with the eyes. I used oval glass eyes. I popped them in and out about 5 or 6 times, just to see him better at different stages of painting


You persuaded me to start mine, she got a bath today :wink:


He’s absolutely precious


I used oval eyes too just a size up!


@Mommarobin, may I ask—did you pop the eyes in from the front or back???


from the back


I love this kit. It looks just like this little girl on facebook that I follow, who is deaf and blind. her name is Clarissa Vollmar.


Darling babe!!! Just love everything about your Saskia :blush: