Selling troubles


I’ve had two reborns up for sale, a Meg and a Shyann. Meg has been for sale for a while now, but hasn’t sold yet. Some nibbles but no bites.
Shyann on the other hand seems to attract trouble. I get the strangest questions, people asking for discounts for no reason, just plain weird. Now she’s listed for quite a low price, about 120 in American dollars. I got someone that stuck out in between all the strange people. She asked for a payment plan.
Now, I don’t do those in general, but a payment plan for that amount just seems weird to me. And in my opinion you shouldn’t buy a doll with money you don’t even have yet.
However, she kept asking questions, eventually agreed with the amount at once if I provided a picture of the body (she seemed afraid that it was torn for some reason) and gave her my address and phone number. I said I don’t give out personal info.
This all happened last night. She was quiet after that and I went to bed. This morning I got an angry message that I hadn’t sent my information and the picture, so I must be a scam artist. The body is definitely torn up and I’m a horrible person.
I told her I have a job, so don’t have time for a picture yet and added that I don’t want to deal with a person who behaves like she does.
Again she called me a scammer and then said something I’m not sure how to translate into English but it means she lives in assisted living, for people who are mentally disabled and unable to live alone.
Now no offense to anyone who is disabled, but I’m actually glad I didn’t sell to her, because I really don’t know her situation and don’t know if she’s even allowed to buy things like that on her own.

Then I got a message from someone else for Meg, asking if the mouth could be opened. I expected another dead end but explained kindly why I don’t do that. The lady just said “okay, that’s fine” and proceeded with the purchase. I actually sold Meg just like that! I totally wasn’t expecting to sell Meg anytime soon.
Yesterday I felt bad because of all the low bidders. Like my work is worth nothing. But now I feel a lot better.
Now I love painting dolls, it’s a shame I can’t keep them all because the selling is making me really stressed out.

(sorry for the long rant, needed to get it all off my chest)


I’m glad you didn’t sell to her too! Dealing with her would have been a nightmare.

FWIW, I have sold 4 dolls in the past 2 weeks, 2 full price, but the two on eBay didn’t do much of anything. I started the bidding low, just a little over enough to recoup my expenses, but neither one went high at all. First one someone bid, cancelled, then someone else came along and bid at the last moment (she was kind enough to send me an email telling me how much she loved her baby). Then the second one there were two people bidding, but the bids still stayed very low. Of course the winner here has 0 feedback and hasn’t paid. :joy:

I’ve painted many babies now and most come out looking pretty good. I think anyway. Had it not been for the first two customers, I’d really be questioning my abilities right now with these crappy eBay bids.


Yeah, I get what you mean. I’m a beginner artist, but I think I still deserve to get at least the cost of the kit+ body out of it. My babies aren’t that bad.
People who just expect things like that for nothing really make you question yourself.


The holidays are right around the corner, so be ready to sell, sell, SELL!!!


Yeah, that’s true. I can always relist Shyann later. At least I sold one, very happy about that.
Now I can justify buying more kits. :innocent:


I do not use the auction option any more. I list them BIN; just set the price that I want, and then use the “make an offer” option to set my minimum at what it is automatically rejected. That way when I list a doll at $600 and somebody offers $50 I do not have deal with it. i can see it happened, and can just laugh about it.


I was hoping you’d weigh in on one of these ebay threads as you seem very eBay knowledgeable, @ludmila. Because I’m new to it, I’m somewhat lost and don’t have appropriate settings in place. I took a screen shot of one of your other comments where you suggested specific parameters for blocking certain bidders and will try to figure it out today.

As far as not using the auction option… That’s how I get rid of most of the Chinese “reborns” when I’m searching because many are still there even after narrowing the search down by location. How are your dolls being found by your buyers?


I’m afraid of using ebay myself. I use a Dutch website where people can sell their items. Barely any companies there, so the China ‘reborns’ stay out. Except for some people looking to resell them for a high price, but it rarely works as you can get a good, real reborn for the same amount of money.
I’ve been looking at ebay, but it’s just too daunting for me.


The story has a happy ending.
Got a message from a friendly lady this morning who was absolutely taken by Shyann. She drove 1,5 hours to my house to see her for herself. Couldn’t put her down and she ended up buying!
Made two sales in a very short amount of time! Makes me feel like a true reborn artist, haha.


Congratulations on your sales, @deedee2413!