Service dog Negan update


I just wanted to share updated pictures of Negan with you all.
He is 15 weeks today.
Tall and goofy. Lol.


There’s that handsome boy! :blue_heart: How is training going with him?


Very good. He knows stay. Sit. Down. Speak. And how to sit nicely in his crate and wait for food.
He does well with house training during the day but sometimes has accidents at night.
He will get there


He’s getting so big and he looks so huggable! Hope y’all still have some shoes left to wear :slight_smile:


He’s such a handsome puppy :heart_eyes:


Lol. He loves shoes. And power cords. And his leash. Lol. We bought him a stuffed hedgehog that squeeks that he sleeps with. And then he will get bored and rip its arms off. Lol.


He’s a very handsome dog. Beautiful.


Power cords is no good:( Make him watch Christmas Vacation with you so he’ll see the danger in chewing cords!


He’s Gorgeous! Yes, watch the power cords. Our maltipoo is 18 months old and is a miracle each day she lives lol


He is adorable!!!




I will. I don’t let him out of My sight now. He is in the bitey nippy puppy stage.


He is a cutie and all that fluffiness :heart:


He is so cute and fluffy!!


He’s gorgeous! And so good lol He knows more tricks than my 1 year old stubborn butt of a beagle lol
We have a new dog in my apartment building, he’s a newfoundland dog also and he is just enormous. My dog loves every other dog in the world but for some reason just the sight of that pup sends her into a barking and howling fit. She hasn’t met him yet because she makes him and his owner nervous with her freak out lol


Soooo cute!!! Keep the pics coming!!


@taylorsgirl we need new pics of Negan!


Lol. Lol. I will take some tonight.


Love now that’s the breed I would trust for a service dog… I have a sheepadoodle I’m assuming he is all standard poodle or some poodle? He or she looks it? Smartest dogs ever… I’ve had bichon pops poodles mutpoos :slight_smile: all great. A friend of mine just got a rescue Pitbull for rescue dog with a 2 year old :frowning:


Negan is a Newfoundland pure bred.

This is what he will look like full grown. About 150 lbs.

Not my picture. Obviously. Lol. But I met his parents and grandparents. Huge dogs. About 30 inches high at the shoulder

Negan won’t be that size till about 3 years old. Right now he does look poodle ish. Lol

Newfoundland are used for water rescue. Therapy dogs. Service dogs. Cart pulling.