Shipping to Ontario?


Well, I got an order and she paid and now I find out she’s going to Ontario! I’ve only shipped within USA borders. I only charge $25 for shipping. What do I need to know to ship from Indiana to Ontario?


My first sale was sending a baby to Canada. The shipping wasn’t much worse than to the US and they called when the baby got there . Everything went smoothly. I can not remember how much I paid but I am thinking it was like 30.00 I had insurance on it also.


You can use the calculator on USPS

It will let you know. I normally email them and let them know that I only ship inside the US. But they can pay the shipping price. You could invoice it separately?

Mine have actually contacted me before purchase… and then I changed the listing to have the right shipping…

Before Christmas I shipped one to Bermuda. I didn’t charge them extra out of the kindness of my heart during the Christmas season though.

(I use larger boxes so my shipping is always higher than most peoples but, my large box to Bermuda was actually cheaper than the estimate of the Flat Rate box… lol)


Well I had in my listing only ship with US but after she paid and sent me her address is when I though uh oh! I told her I’d have to have her pay whatever more shipping is. I use bigger boxes too. I use an insane amount of bubble wrap!


Oh good! Did you ship Priority? Did it take extra long to arrive?


Oh good! Did you ship Priority? Did it take extra long to arrive?


I did ship priority and it was 6 to 10 days


First class is sometimes cheaper AND faster than priority and you still get tracking and insurance.


Include a sample of all stuffing/glass beads (in a plastic sandwich bag) you used inside the doll and a list of what you have inside the box and tape it to the outside of the box. Face that information towards the box and write “For Customs” on the facing out on the piece of paper. That way Customs can see what’s inside and that it matches what shows up on the x-ray…that way they don’t need to open the box and take apart the doll.


Wonderful information thank you!


I would punch the info into USPS website get the box dimensions and weight. Then have the customer pay you the difference for the price.