Show off your keepers!


Everybody got a hair brush’n and a fresh outfit so naturally I want to show them off :laughing: Post your keepers!


Two keepers that done by me: my first reborn Ella from 1/23/19 and fairy Twinkle from 4/27/19


My keepers:)


I’ve got 9 keepers with more on the way. I’ve gone a bit crazy, haha.

My first reborn, Emma









And on the way are these two unnamed babies that are still works in progress.


My one and only. The other was my second one and really needs to be stripped.


Nicolas, my first

Alex, my favorite

My son’s portrait baby


My other son’s portrait baby


Madelyn but I am not sure about her yet.

And my daughter’s dolls

And I am not a collector…:yum::joy:


My Violet Doll (still a WIP)


my very own Iris by Adrie Stoete (on the right)


Do you not have a keeper Willow Flower?


I have the blank sculpt but I never made her for myself yet


Two of my keepers.


These are my only keepers. I’m not a collector. Libby was the doll that got me into reborning, I bought her from @lastingmemories a long time ago. The guy in the onesie is a little silicone and the other one is a baby I sculpted but isn’t good. And all 3 are hanging out with my stuffed bunny from when I was little :rofl:


I dont have a keeper yet, but im expecting Azalea tomorrow and im in love with that kid, so I may make her a keeper


I just bought a Barrister Bookcase to put a few babies in. I am going to put them in there and take a pic and post it here once I’m done.


Micah (Dominic) and Kase Brooklyn, Wynnie (Aster) and Serenity


Your One and Only is breathtaking!! He is beautiful:):slight_smile:


Well, I guess there is finally a topic where I will need to take pics of my babies and post them. All the ones I have made are keepers. I have only made 4. 2 10" ones and then Easton 6 month size, and Nikolas. I will try to get them together and find a good lit spot to take a few pics. :slight_smile:


My husband bought me this last summer for my keepers.


My baby keepers


It looks so real. What kit is that? Awesome.