Show off your keepers!


This is the realborn Joseph kit. Obviously the smaller version. :rofl:


@jeepers All your keepers are beautiful but I love that Landon! I’m drawn to that kit for some reason…(cuteness, I think) :heart_eyes:


Thank you! Barb Michaels reborned Landon. Her work is fantastic.


He is beautiful!


What a great idea!


My only keeper


@mcurbelo OMG, gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

My keepers are:

Eden (painted by me at least 2 years ago)

Franklin: (painted by ?)

Alba Asleep: (painted by ?)

And James, reborned by @Babies (can’t find the photos right now but they’re on the forum.) Sorry @Babies

I did have a Ramsey by @kareninflorida but I had to let him go due to space concerns - he was adorbs.

I’ve been planning to thin my nursery out further but haven’t had the chance.


Cute babies


My one and only (my daughter’s)…I don’t have one of my own.


Two of mine.


@Pcrank56 I spy three :wink: