Show your Tink Brown!


Anyone who has done Tink by Bonnie Brown please post your pics! Bonus points for red haired babies lol Also what size fits her best

Thanks :slight_smile:


I did an AA Tink. She will wear Preemie or small NB.


She’s so pretty! Thanks!


I did a blonde/ strawberry blonde Tink


She’s so sweet! I wanna cuddle her lol


Love Tink!


She’s precious! I love her!


My Tink has applied alpaca hair…


She’s really cute!


I have been wondering how to do applied hair. Do have any resources you can point me to so I can learn what it is? I have seen some about it online, but still don’t know much about it.


When done right it is rooted then “glued down”


Here is my Tink. I have another kit of her here to paint for ROSE 2019


She’s precious! I love this kit! I may be painting her soon and I’m trying to find inspiration


Here is the Tink that I did. She has prisma hair.


What a beautiful baby :heart_eyes:


@specialmoments So beautiful!
All of you make me want a Tink! Such a cute tiny little baby.


Sorry for the very crappy lighting definitely doesn’t do her justice. I just put her together today. Tink sure is a cutie I haven’t put her down she’s just to darn cute.


She is adorable!!


Here is my Tink, she has honey blonde hair…I put her in preemie clothes. She lives in Colorado now :slight_smile:


She is so adorable I love her coloring!