Show your Tink Brown!


She is gorgeous, loving that belly button too!


Tink looks so much like me as a baby it’s so weird. Lol


Perfection! May I ask who’s hair this is? Loving the curl and shine!


Awe, thank you :blush: She was so much fun to paint, I may do another one and keep her for myself, she would be my only keeper. Im glad this one went to my favourite customer, I know she will be well loved :slight_smile:


Hair is SilkEffex :slight_smile:


Wow! That’s amazing applied hair!! How did you do it?


This has made me want to paint my Tink!! AND keep her! lol Beautiful job ya’ll!!



All of them are awesome! Now to go beg my Hubby to let me buy one, lol!


I think I need a Tink. Looks like me as a baby.


I have painted 3 Tinks and I have one more to do.


She is so lovely!


I love them all! thanks for sharing!


The hair is cut quite short and then rooted into the style you want. Glue it on the inside as usual.
Trim again until about 1/2 " in length. (My Tink’s is a bit longer 'tho.) It is then glued to the top of the head into ‘your’ style.
I follow Mellissa George’s Patreon @ $9 per month, and she has tutorials and heaps of other very useful content, including ‘applied hair’ and the products used to glue it down.
I will say that you need a medium ‘mix’ that will allow you time to play with the style before it dries.
Mellissa uses Golden air dry paints and mediums.
atm I use Genesis but use the A/D mediums for the applied hair and gloss/matte varnish for the doll.
This is another doll with the applied hair but cut shorter.