I’ve never waited so long for their hair. Hope everything is ok. She emailed and said it would be out the 30th or 1st and I still dont even have tracking info. I dont want to be a pain and ask again but I’m nearly ready to root my custom.


It took 2 weeks for me to receive my batch and I live in Canada!


It took 2 weeks for me two and I live in Florida


Thank you, I ordered on the 23rd? Just weird that I haven’t even gotten any info yet lol


Did you pay with PayPal if you did tracking might show up on there if you go to the PayPal website- but they should have sent you an email with the tracking.


Yes I did… says no info yet


Me too! I ordered Sept 20th and still don’t have it. Paypal says it’s been shipped but I have no tracking number.


Ugh. Lol


Please kindly email her, nicely. I know she has family and we that also have family realize at times emergencies do arise. Just remember to be kind, please and thank you. hugs to all of you!


Of course! I know life happens. I will email her today.


I’m giving it a little more time. Website says at least two weeks, longer for larger orders. I ordered two different 1/2 oz batches. So that might be why. It also says there is no tracking on lighter orders. I remember last time it just appeared in my mailbox. It’s just been a little over two weeks for me.


I ordered from her once. I don’t remember how long it took to receive it. But it was so long I had forgotten about it. It just showed up in the mail one day. Her mohair is beautiful. But now I stick with suppliers who get it here fast.


I ordered about 3 times and never been this long lol. Hard because it’s a custom so maybe I’m impatient


I notice her site says all orders take at least 7 days. You may have just lucked out before now. The mohair is worth the wait. It’s some of my favorite. But I guess the key is to order way ahead. If you’re in a rush, order from someone else. :grimacing:


Her site also says the standard shipping doesn’t include tracking or insurance. So who knows how long it actually stays in the postal system before it gets delivered. 7-10 days to process plus 10-14 days in the mail. Makes sense that it takes forever to arrive.


Looking at your original post, she said it would go out the 30th or the 1st. And you still don’t have tracking. You won’t get a tracking number unless you had it sent express. The regular shipping takes 7-14 days. So you’re still on the early end of that estimate. It could be there any day within the next week.


Yeah it’s been 15 days lol


It was the 23rd.


But didn’t she say it would go out on the 30th or the 1st?


Yeah she sent me that. 7 days later lol