SOLD 3 month Joseph for sale/wanted post!


Hi everyone! As you know, I’ve recently acquired a full set of 3-month Joseph limbs.

So… does anyone have a 3-month Joseph head they’d like to sell? Or, does anyone want to buy my set of limbs? I’m not sure which option I’d prefer, so please let me know if you have an offer!

Happy almost-Friday! :grin:


If you don’t find a head I would love to purchase his limbs.


Ok! I am leaning towards selling at this point. Can you please send me a PM with your best offer? :smile:


I am not sure what to offer, what did you have to pay for them? I can do that plus shipping if that works for you?


The arms were 11 dollars and the legs 12. So is $23 plus shipping ok?


That sounds good, my paypal is
Thank you


Invoice sent!


Just paid, Thank you


Received! I should have the package shipped by tomorrow.


Sounds good


That’s what you call an excellent, hassle free purchase! I love those kind.


Me too, that’s the best.


I just got a Cuddles head, this will be a super sweet baby, and I got you limbs today! Thank you


You’re very welcome!! Glad they arrived safely.