The loonies come out at Christmas


I just had a woman post on my facebook page that ‘this baby was molded after a dead baby that died at birth’. Deleted and banned. You just have to laugh at the nutty people.


Geez of Pete’s! @kareninflorida where’s our sign??? Lolol



The freaks come out at night! Who sculpted this gorgeous and nondead looking baby?


That baby is beautiful. What an odd thing to say. Crazy… Worse than the people I’m getting who want to make a bunch of payments and hold dolls until they get paid, with no deposit of course. I’ll stop complaining about them now. :smile:


This is Reese from BB who I’m sure the real Reese is alive and well. :grinning:


I’ll raise you a They Live!


Unrelated, but I totally thought this was Asher asleep. I have a Reese and hold her all the time, I still couldn’t tell who it was here!! Are Asher and Reese siblings I wonder?

But seriously, what a creepy thing to say …


Thank you @kareninflorida :kiss::grinning::kiss::grinning:


Yikes! I love Reese… and people be cray lol.


Haha! I love every time this poster comes out! Thanks for the laugh @kareninflorida


Back in the day when I made porcelain dolls my teacher told us that the Bye Lo baby was molded from a dead baby in Germany. Maybe that is where that person got her information.


That reminds me of my mom. I showed her a realborn kit and said it was molded after a real baby. She assumed that they poured clay over the faces of dead babies to get the mold. :confounded:


I just sold a doll and had the woman contact me 3 times a day to see if she was shipped yet. I was out of town and told her she would be packed and mailed on Monday. Monday morning; probably 4am she emails and asks if I mailed her yet. Two more times before it was even light out. I told her I was from the West Coast and it’s not even daylight…nothing is open. She was like, “Haha - I was just curious and excited” and it went on until I sent her the tracking. I have a feeling this is going to be one of the not-so-good outcomes because something in her neediness made me feel very cautious.




I’ve been talking this this lady for months. I explained to her what a Reborn was and the difference between silicone and vinyl. She finally made the deposit. I went over her order…and boom she goes I want my baby to cry burp, lap, and have a voice box. I quickly refunded her money! Now she keeps inboxing me asking overand over can I make her a baby no nope hell no! I sent her a photo of the Luv belle baby …she needs that not a Reborn especially a Reborn for $350.