Tinky Finished! Pic Heavy


That is very true! His clothes would be a much bigger job.


It really would be, and could you imagine the cost of fabric? I think I have enough real baby clothes for him lol


Your Tinky turned out adorable! I finished mine today too.


@Amethyst You have such a great attention to the details, I even didn’t noticed tiny baby and 'Elfamil. Shame on me.
@MilosMeadows She came out so cute! Love her outfits also! Does she has her mommy?


No, she’s not adopted yet. Just not on reborns.com cause I can’t afford it til after I pay customs fees on big Joe. Next week some time I will know for sure if I can list her there.


@Mommarobin You can knit for dress. You are great at it!


Awww, thanks! I’m knitting a sweater for het