Toddler sale


Does MacPherson ever put their toddlers on sale eg. Katie Marie


They have several toddlers on sale right now. Not Katie Marie, but some other cute ones.


Thanks I just checked them out and I think my heart wants Katie I guess I just have to wait to see if she ever goes on sale. Question for anyone that has made her can she stand? It looks like her legs are bent,


Another option is to do layaway. MacPherson will let you pay 1/3 each month for 3 months. That’s a bearable way to buy the expensive kits.


I may do that for a Toddler kit next year! Can you layaway a Sale kit?


Yes, you can layaway a sale kit:)


I had to go look her up. :slight_smile: She is so sweet. I love her, too. But, I am not nearly at all ready to even try a toddler. I did see a photo of her standing. Don’t know if there is more than one version of her legs or not – bent or not bent. You have good taste!


I layaway sale kits all the time. They even let you do it with specials. A few months ago they had a special…I think it was spend $199, get a free kit. Something like that. I took advantage of that deal with layaway and still got the free kit 2 months later when I paid off the balance. :slight_smile:


Awe I wish I would have known that!! Wait, maybe I didn’t need to know that, lol! :thinking:


Lol. No. You didn’t need to know that. Now that I know about their darn layaway program I spend way more than I should. :grimacing: