Too much Christmas? Show us your Christmas Babies 2018



Whoa, looks amazing!!! Love all the hats!!!


WOW! Where do you keep them all???


Oh wow!!!


Wow that’s a lot a red!! Baby fever!! I see 5 I’d definitely want!! :slightly_smiling_face:


All in the living room for Christmas. In sleds, chairs, a big pram and the bigger sitting ones around the tree. Took me a whole afternoon to take a picture of them together on my daughter’s bed.


Red and white is my favorite colour combo. I just bought a pair of red and white striped jammies for myself today. I would blend in well with all my babies!!


WOW!!! That’s AMAZING!!! :slight_smile:

Is that all your work???

I love seeing them all together!




Wow, now I can see why you wanted the snowman hat. Too bad it didn’t come yet.


I love this baby and voted for him


No such thing!! So many babies!!! :heart: Beautiful work!
Which sculpts are these babies? :blush:


Can I guess?

(I like seeing if I am right :slight_smile: )

Ellis, Brooklyn, June and Ethon?


Ooo, good guesses!!


Never to many babies


I love your Brooklyn and the baby with the little pout in the sock monkey hat .


I think that one is Thomas Auer


This is the first thing that put a giant smile on my face today. I love them all can’t find a favorite.


Oh that would be fun, to try and find you!! :joy:


Who’s your sleeper in the stripes?