Too much Christmas? Show us your Christmas Babies 2018


What an amazing bunch of babies, they are just adorable !!!


Wowwwww!!! :heart_eyes:


Gorgeous Work and collection! I love seeing pictures like this-thank you for sharing…


Amazeballs! I love it and you can never have TOO much Christmas :wink:
I love coming here and seeing pictures of everyones babies and I love when people post pics of their entire collection like this. Ive had such a rough couple of weeks, working on my babies and coming here keep me going.
Do you keep all the babies you make?


When it comes it will be one! Realborn Rebecca. He has a moose hat on now that is way to big


Thank you! Ramsey–he is my favorite right now.


You know your babies!!! Correct!


Thomas Auer. He is so sweet!


White with black stripes is Noa Legler. Red and grey stripes is BB Realborn Rebecca. Thomas Auer has striped pants. Front row is Liam Kolpin.


I keep most of the babies I make but I will give one away to family and friends going through tough times if I know it would help them.


She’s really good. She’s the one I know is right when I want to know what a kit is.


You should start a thread off with these pictures. Show us your Christmas babies. We can dress ours up and send in a picture. Love your idea and babies. Jenni what is the baby at the bottom second from the left with that beautiful smile?


Im giving a babies away to one of my aides who takes care of me…Im hoping it helps her :slight_smile:


That one I do not know off the top of my head.
@danidolly who is between Liam K and Ethon?

Kinda reminds me of Arya by Ping Lau but the hands are not the same as the prototypes


I got the packages that I had been waiting for right after the postal workers went back to work so hopefully this week. I’m excited for you now.


Arya by Ping Lau


Too smart!! You are right! I hate the vinyl that Ping Lau uses for limbs so I switched them out for a BB Realborn


Good idea!!!
I just changed the title of the thread.


Wow !
:heart_eyes:They are so pretty and love the outfits.


LOVE IT!!! You sure have cute kids there, and so festive <3