Top ten favorite kits?


I havent. :cry: But she is too cute


Asher Awake
Presley Awake
Summer Rain
Joseph Awake
Dominic Awake
Kase awake


I really love sculpts by Gudrun Legler, Alicia Toner, Nikki Johnston, Nicole Russell and Cassie Brace!!! :heart_eyes:


It is under work in progress I think, but her site needs to be updated. I haven’t heard anything about her yet. If she has a prototype out she may be coming soon. I am surprised Tink is coming before her then.


someone said 2018


I remember Bonnie posting on FB that she wanted to keep Emsley for herself, as a clay baby. But she said she might change her mind in the future and have her reproduced.


WhAT :frowning: noOOOO. I hope she produces her!!!

(sorry my finger hit the caps… lol)


Oh, I hope she does produce her in vinyl. She’s too precious not too.


Went and found her post about keeping her as a clay OOAK.


I totally understand. But ahhhh :wink:

She pulls the heart strings for sure! But sad that the sculpts end up ruined from the molding process to create vinyls


They should scan them like BB does for Realborns. Win/win. :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea!


Emsley is no longer going to be released. A few months ago, just after she posted pictures of her, Bonnie had a change of heart overnight and for the moment she’s keeping Emsley as her personal OOAK clay doll. I think in the manufacturing process the original clay gets damaged or destroyed and I think she feels too strongly about little Emsley to let that happen to her! She was very apologetic, she felt bad for releasing photos then changing her mind but all the comments I read were very supportive.

Still - she gives us so many gorgeous kits it’s fair enough if she has a keeper! Have you seen her instagram and the Maddie kit she’s working on at the moment? So cute!


I hope she will make an identical twin for Emsley. I understand wanting to keep her as clay. I just felt it was the best baby she’s done yet.


Do any of you have a picture of Emsley?! I haven’t seen her.


The baby sculpt (clay) is the pictures posted above, and the link to Bonnie Brown’s Facebook.

But here is another cause she is too cute :slight_smile: (the one with the headband is the real baby she sculpted it after)

Clay sculpt


That looks just like the real baby. I’d keep her, too.


Oh my goodness, so adorable!!!