Traveling Pants Round 3


It seems I’ve missed a lot of birthdays. Happy Birthday :birthday: I hope you all enjoyed them very much.


Hi! I just got the TP box! so excited. I will post pictures later on. :heart_eyes:


I wanna know how y’all got that box to stay under $20 for shipping. The newby box is $50 to ship. :grimacing:


OMG!!! Where do I start?? So much great stuff to choose from!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am guessing because it was shipped from the same state it was going to.


I think you just blew the secret… :grimacing:


Ohhhh I’m in Florida! Does that mean it’s coming to me soon ??? Hahaa


Wow!!! Have SO MUCH FUN!!!


WOW! Look at all that stuff!


I will check my list when I get home from work tonight! :slight_smile:


@evelyn Aren’t you supposed to show what you kept, not the whole box, lol :rofl:! I know you were too excited!


That looks like a fun pile of stuff to sort through


oops! I deleted the pic, I guess I was too excited!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s so cute!


Hello everyone! here is what I chose from the TP box #3, it was’nt easy, too many great items. I sure had a great time participating in this round of TP. thanks!


Nice! I want to see that lace set from baby maw out of the bag. What does it look like? :heart_eyes:


It is beautiful!


That really is a beautiful set. :slight_smile:

Can you show them the Gymboree outfits with the Honeybug pacis? I loved those so much, I’m excited that they got chosen. :slight_smile:


It looks much better on a doll.


Is it frogs oh how cute.