Traveling Pants Round 3


I am in love with the blanket that @ashleyfox98 put in the box. It was the first thing that I picked .


Lovely choices!


Awe such great Choices!!

That poor box though is getting pretty bad lol


Yay, nice! Can we see the blanket and the outfits? What kits did you choose?


I got the shyann kit and Jacelyn head. I will post picks of the blanket and outfits when I get back home.



Thank you, nice clothes. I don’t know which one I like the best. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t wait till I get to go again😊


Me to!


Adorable outfits, the owl set and the wee little fluffy dress are my favorites, ENJOY :grin:


I almost kept the owl set and the dinosaur sets. The only reason I didn’t is because of the size. If they had been newborn I would have LOL. I just rarely use bigger than newborn sizes. Great choices :slight_smile:



I can’t waitttttttt…!!!

But I may have to…!!!



Has something happened I should know about?

People have stopped posting on this thread…:confused:


I didn’t expect it to get to the next lady for a while because of the weekend and holiday. I find that not many people post much on the weekend either.


Yes expected delivery date is Tuesday the 9th


I have been busy this weekend but I keep checking to see where the box is. Newbie one too.


@ashleyfox98 I am sorry but I have to pull out of the box. We just found out my husbands job is in jeopardy and he is our only income. I don’t know where things stand so I would rather pull out now before it gets to me. Again I’m sorry if this complicates things for you.


If @ashleyfox98 says it’s ok I’d love to take your place. My husband went through that last year. I understand what you’re going to as he was our only source of income too. Hope everything works out for you.


Hope things get settled quick :heart: