Traveling Pants Round 3


It may be bc of weather. I just thought about that.


Is it in the FL or GA area


I think Ashley lives in FL if I’m not mistaken. Hope you are ok @ashleyfox98 :confused:

Edited to say I had my box threads confused thought this was the one heading back to Ashley.


I’m okay! I’m in south Florida. I had to intercept the package because I gave @NaneeBabies the wrong address for @Simone. Now that Simone decided not to participate, the box will be going to the next person on the list. :slight_smile:

Sorry I haven’t been on as much lately, I’ve been busy with Dr’s appointments and lawyer meetings for the surrogacy. I’ll be glad when I’m pregnant and the appointments slow down!


Not. At. All. I wouldn’t wish Amazon on my worst enemy. They’re business and work practices are disgusting.


Is there a list to see when the pkg will come to me? I looked in my email but I may have missed it.


Who’s the next person since Simone isn’t participating?


Are you a surrogate? I’ve been one twice! :heartpulse::heartpulse:


Wow this world is truly small. I was almost one but the intended father changed his mind and left the intended mom. I was willing to keep going but she decided to stop.


Yes I am! I am working on a sibling project for the couple I delivered for last year. :slight_smile:


Omg that’s terrible :cry:


Aww yay! My first mom’s sister carried and delivered their 2nd baby! Isn’t that so cool? Yay for surrogacy!! So you haven’t started all the shots and stuff yet?


I was so sad, but we stayed close.


That’s good. I’m still good friends with my first fam, but 2nd one doesn’t talk to me. :frowning:


I hate when that happens. Maybe your surrogate baby will reach out one day. As a person dealing with second infertility, I have seen people who think that egg donors and surrogates are products and not a human being. The defensiveness comes from not being able to do it for themselves.


Yeah from the beginning, they were not very communicative. And I’m a huggy blabber mouth lol! Oh well. I still feel reallllly grateful to have had the opportunity to carry and deliver for them. :heartpulse::unicorn:


Is it expensive to have a surrogate?


Y’all are just amazing human beings! :heart:


I agree @Kate - they gave a lot of themselves for someone else to have a special opportunity to be parents ! I think it’s awesome -I have some friends to have had twin boys thru embryo adoption ( another amazing opportunity for someone to be parents ) -they adopted two embryos that had been frozen for 11 yrs -it was a 1in 20 chance they would be viable and attach once unfrozen -but both did and they are amazing lil boys who just turned three !


The surrogate alone starts at 15000. More for experienced. But the families also have to pay for egg retrieval, transfer, meds, hotels, transportation, and a lotta other stuff. So yes. :confused: