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Well, thank God I can at least have dogs. Not quite the same but they help. :innocent:


A family member or very good BFF could be the surrogate free that would help the cost I have seen a grandmother carry her own grandchild on the news more than once .


I don’t know that it would be free. I’m sure the medical costs are still high.


The person doing it without charging is what I was referring to as a general thing the person doing it gets a fee not free just cheaper


It depends on how bad you want something( in this case a baby). You start by letting God know how badly you want it. Then you get determined. I have a young couple that are friends of mine that have tried many years. They put in to adopt which cased horrible problems to. They had to come up with 15,000.00 in 6 months and did it. It wasn’t easy! They did fund raisers sold t- shirts, business gave them money for every person that came in and said they were there for them. The sold puzzle pieces to friends 20$ a piece. They put it together and had everyone’s name on the back that gave and put the puzzle together and put it in the babies room. They had people donate. I made a doll and sold it and gave them the money. They got a baby girl one month ago. You should see the pictures. Love on their faces. I will say that birth mother did really good in selecting the couple to raise their baby and thank God for her choice for life for her baby. I’ll make a doll and I’m sure others would to. Maybe make a fb Page to sale your products that are donated for baby. You have to start somewhere.


I Agree with @babymaw don’t count anything out. There’s many ways to raise money. You could share your story on a go fund me account call the local news have them feature you. Do a fundraiser locally, and I also will be willing to make and sell a doll and give you 100% of the profit. I don’t know you but I have seen you mention multiple times your desire to be a mom, having just experienced the joy myself 9 months ago I think every woman who wants to should. I feel connected to the stories I read on this forum sometimes and the people who share them. So anyway if you do decide you can mark me down for help @nikkiroc


Sometimes it seems that this is an unpopular option, but you can adopt through the State Foster Care system for almost nothing. At least that’s my experience adopting my daughter. I’m in Kansas and every state has their own laws. The drawback is the unknown and the possibility of the child being returned to their parents. Not to mention the time it takes. My daughter was placed with us in July 2006, at 7 weeks old. The termination hearing was in March 2008 and the adoption happened in September 2009. The paternal grandma showed up at the termination hearing, having never met my daughter, and said that she wanted a chance to adopt her. She delayed everything for 6 months while she was “getting ready” and Louisiana, where she lived, declined to approve her home study, so Kansas proceeded to allow us to adopt her. It was an emotional roller coaster, but that was 12 years ago and a very distant memory now.


I’m curious, if it’s to personal you don’t have to answer… but the Grandma that was fighting for her what Happened? Does she have contact with your daughter or expressed interest in seeing her since then


She said she needed to “remodel” her home in order to have space for the child. They tried to do the home study after 3 months and she asked for more time. They tried again after 6 months and she asked for more time. That’s when Louisiana closed the case because they could not do her home study.

No one, not even the social workers heard from her again. In fact, she made no contact whatsoever prior to the termination hearing. She just showed up in court and, at the appropriate time, stood up and told the judge that she wanted to adopt her. Everyone was surprised, even the judge.

The state severed parental rights and Kansas considers these closed adoptions, so I have no responsibility to maintain contact with relatives and they have no right to contact the child. As is the case in many foster care situations, there was clearly multiple generations of dysfunction in both of the parents’ families, so I believe it is in my child’s best interest to NOT have contact with any of them.

Interestingly enough, the bio father did not come to one, single family meeting with the social workers during the whole time she was in foster care. Then at the termination hearing, HE ASKED FOR MORE TIME! He had almost two years, but he needed more time.


The foster system is a mess. I’m all about giving biological family members a chance to fix their problems. But when they aren’t showing progress from the beginning, the case should be closed. Babies shouldn’t be stuck in limbo waiting for adults to straighten up. :confused:


Sell this kind of shirt for reborning I want one.


Wow, well you’re amazing for stepping in and providing her wat she was lacking. Such a mess that they “attempted” to get more time and still didn’t get it together but obviously it was in the best interest of your daughter they couldn’t get it together


Well I had dropped out bit the box showed up today so I will go through the box later today and get it shipped out probably tomorrow!


Oh no! Well, I hope you find things that make it worth it!!!


Shopping now!!


I regretted dropping out so this worked out!!


Well I am very happy for you then, have fun😁


Can’t wait to see what you choose!


such fun! i hope you find some things you love in the box.


I have from.what I’ve saw already!