Traveling Pants Round 3


I will get pics here soon if everything. :blush:


@Katinafleming the kits are miranda awake and sweet pea asleep.

@Anne here are the outfits:


Thanks for showing them, they are cute!


So awesome!! Do we know who’s next yet? Woooo so fun!


We dont. I PMd Ashley yesterday to let her know it arrived and then again last night but she must be busy. I’m sure she will be on soon. :blush:


What awesome picks @Kate! I just sent you the next person’s info. @AnnDee66, you are up next! :slight_smile:


Great! I will number it all my items and get the box replenished. :blush:


WHOO WHOO!!! Can’t wait to get it!!! I am dancing in my chair at work right now!!!


Your so cute!


I just dropped it off at the post office. It weighs a whopping 23 pounds! :grin:


I hope y’all are as excited as I am!!!




Oh and tracking has been provided to both Ashley and Ann. :blush: I just didn’t put it here in the thread as I had to ask Ashley a question on it. :wink: It should arrive on Monday.


I am!! Wooooooo


I am too!


Did anybody get it today? Woohoo!


The tracking number shows delivered! @AnnDee66, enjoy!!


Hi I want to apologize for the delay my son has been sick for the last 3 days and we have been going between pediatrician and hospitals for tests. I picked it up last night and will be going through it today! Such a treat after a few hellacious days. But I will get it sent tomorrow! Sorry again about the delay!:persevere:


I hope he’s doing better! Poor thing


Family first especially with our little ones health! Hope he gets better soon poor lil guy.