Traveling Pants Round 3


I wasn’t sure if the box was going to be all sentimental so I did a intense tape job! Obviously not enough since it got a hole. But I am glad it got there in one piece.


I’m still waiting on a response from Ashley. When she responds I’ll be able to package it right up and send it off.


@ATrinket did I miss what you picked?


No I planned on doing a big post when everything is all squared away. I’ve been very unwell(Don’t worry, not contagious or anything, my health has just gone downhill a lot) so I haven’t had much energy. I can do that while I wait for a response though.


Sorry that took so long, here is what I’ve chosen(minus 1-2 things I’m still deciding on). The poor Charles kit came with his head QUITE squished(he was at the top of the box where the hole is! He looked like a lightbulb!), I’ve been working it and it seems to be going back to mostly normal, luckily I also fell in love with him so he’s staying here. I ended up loving the June kit the more I looked at her, I was going to pick a different one but… she’s just so sweet!
I was SUPER excited to discover the dino outfit! I love dinosaurs!
Whoever put in the prepainted belly plate I’d love to talk with you about it! It’s got this neat texture to it!
I’m also quite excited about the full torso, I actually have 1 and I needed another for a set of twins!

Not gonna lie I’m probably going to use most of the bandana’s for my service dog, they’re so cute!


Also thank god for eyes, how’d you guys know I needed some?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You got a great haul, awesome stuff!


Hair and paci clips too, nice!


Talk about a great variety! You got a little bit of everything but the kitchen sink! Great haul!


I think @colee1970 put the plate in. I might be wrong but it seems like I remember it saying her name.


Yes I think that’s what is marked


Yes I put that plate in. It was the first one I ever did so it’s not great lol. But I figured somebody could use it. The texture is just matte and satin sealer pounced off with a wedge.


Is it really? Wow I didn’t realize you can do that. My babies are always silky smooth to the touch, I use Acrylics now but I used to use chalk pastels.


I think it’s headed my way next. When your ready to ship I’ll pm you my address in case @ashleyfox98 is busy with baby stuff :heart:


Yes I have your address already :smiley: . I’m just waiting on the numbers to mark my items with.


Is the box on the move?


Not yet, since Ashley hasn’t gotten back to me I’ll just use my own made numbers to label things and send it on later today


Great idea! I know @nikkiroc will appreciate that!


When it gets here, I’ll do the same to keep it moving… as long as I know who I’m sending to! :grinning::heart:


I’ve marked my items with a T(for trinket) followed by a number.
I’m going to ask my boyfriend for a ride to the post office when he’s home for lunch(I don’t think I can make the walk there AND back with my health, plus it’s pouring outside).
I couldn’t find a bigger box, so I put a smaller box inside the big box and put most everything in that one and then packed soft stuff around it, I’ve also taped and re-enforced the box.

I apologize if there’s hair on anything… my Flemish Giant/Rhinelander mix bunny was “helping” me. She took a chunk out of my cute baby bag :scream: