Traveling Pants Round 3


How big is that bunny??? That’s a big bunny!!! So cute!!!


Um I think she’s around 12 pounds. She’s only 5 months old so still has some growing to do. I think she’s going to fill out to be 15-19 pounds. Rhinelanders are a large breed, and Flemish giants are of course a giant breed so she’s going to be a big girl.


She weighs the same as my fat cat lol That’s a big bunny haha She’s so pretty, I just wanna pet her lol


Got the box out, I forgot how outrageous shipping is for a larger box : P


LOVE your bunny @ATrinket! She looks so soft and cuddly. Can you cuddle them? Or is she like most cats? Pet me and leave me alone? :grin:


LOL. That careful balance of doing both at the same time.:joy:


I had a bunny as a kid… it ate my homework… lol


Happy thanksgiving!!!:turkey::maple_leaf::plate_with_cutlery:


Has anyone heard from Ashley?


I’m one on the list left


I think there are 4 or 5 left. @Miss_Kitty , @cajuncuties @babymaw and I forget who else! I’m guessing I’ll send to misskitty because she lives 3 hours from me and in Texas also.


Hi Ladies. I’m so sorry I’ve been out of touch. I had a very severe reaction to one of the surrogacy meds that knocked me for a loop. I feel terrible for not being able to manage the box like I always have and for making my doll friends wait.

With that said, would anyone be interested in managing the box for me for a few months o help avoid any further delays?


@Miss_Kitty…When you receive the box, I’ll send you my address so you can see between @babymaw, @angfay, and me who is closest. One of us will ship it back to you, Ashley. Since this round is coming to an end and the holidays are so close, perhaps we can pick it back up early next year unless someone wants to handle it before then.


I scrolled up to see who was left and it looks like @angfay is also left.


If we have a list Ashley we can handle it I think. I was worried about you not the box it can wait. Sorry you were sick but I hope better now. I think we can wait till after the first of the year till you can get you health back up to go on with another box. I hope all is good now for you and that lucky baby.


I think you would be closer than me.


@ashleyfox98 I can total help for a round… or we can wait for you. Just pm me and let me know what you want :kiss: Take care of yourself sweet thing!


Feel better! @ashleyfox98 Thanks for a great TPR3!


@nikkiroc Add me to the list when you start your round!


I will! :kiss: