Just dropped these eyes. I hate waiting money like this.


I’m sorry… that really sucks. It seems to happen to the ones we like. If you hated the color or something, those would last forever… Hit the ceramic tiles, bounce through a hot skillet, down the food disposal and come out sparkling. Like 'em? Forget it.


Hahaha! You made me Chuckle Jacqueline!

@mcurbelo sorry. :frowning: Ugh. I have only have 2 sets of those kinds of eyes and thankfully mine were fine. But mine were also small sizes


Oh shoot!!!


I know!!! I just tried them on my Ellie Sue and loved how she looked. That is why they broke :persevere:


It seems like the Go get they are the easier they brake. I have dropped the 20 mm and nothing but I broke a pair of 22 and this 24. :persevere: I just get to exited sometimes and forget that they are delicate.


I’ll just have to order another pair and learn to be careful. I’ll never be out of dept. Once I think I have my shopping under control something like this happens. Now when I go to order a pair of eyes I’ll send up with $100 purchase :rofl::smile:


what a shame… that shopping trip sounds about right lol… But hey if you buy more all at once you save on the blasted shipping charges. Right??? ( thats what i tell myself anyway)


Exactly :upside_down_face:That is my excuse too.


yikes, that hurts


Well I had eyes were acrylic the whites were too white so painted them to tone down and baked at 250. They all melted some and warped out of shape. I feel for you, I hate when stuff happens.:sob:


That stinks :pensive:




BB doesn’t have a lot of sales :pensive: I’ll have to wait for some sales


oh dear, I know the feeling. I had some crack on me. I think they got too cold.


That stinks :pensive: at least I broke mines. Maybe they were defective. :thinking:


Since I typed that reply I’ve had another one break from a different pair. These were 24mm and were kinda pricey. I bought these eyes from Dollpoint. I think I’ll go with Kanis eyes from now on.


Oh nooo!