*UPDATED* Welcome my very first reborn doll. Baby Ryan!


New pics with my new camera of my Ryann!!!


congrats on your first reborn. Good job! He is a cutie


Well done. Congratulation.!!




Well now, Becky, I’m of the thought your little Ryan is a sportin’ young man of Ireland! and all the fellows of the Green are fair and lovely to behold! Congratulations!


amazing first baby you are a natural.
Love his red hair.


thanks so much everyone!!! He is super cute and i love him to death! Both of my daughters have red hair that’s why i gave him red hair


I also want to say congratulations. I will never forget the excitement and total joy of assembling my first reborn baby. Ahhhh. Nice job.


Looks good wish my 1st was that good. I just posted it you should go check the ugly boy out


Ooh, I love redheads! Good job with your first!


LOVE your little redhead,super job for a first.huggs Rose


Great job!!!


SOooo well done! Great job!!!


I love an Irish lad! Lol He is super adorable! Good job!


wow - great job - I love that red hair!


Congrats on finishing your first reborn.


thanks everyone he is well loved by my 2 red headed daughters


So very cute and a great job! I almost cried when I finished my first!


bumping for critique


Becky are you sure you want critiques? Openly? I will take a chance here…like the other post said “don’t shoot the messenger”. LOL

First, I think you did an amazingly good job on him. Especially for a first baby! Wow! I will not show my Idon (Connor) to anyone except close personal friends. LOL
Your skintone is great for a redhead, spot on as they say! But, you have red haired kids and I have one redhead so we know they are supposed to look like, but it isn’t easy for others. You got it done nicely.
I am confused about your hair? Where did it go? It was a perfect shade for his little nibs for sure.
I think he may be a bit over blushed. He looks like he has been playing in the cold weather for awhile or is getting a fever. I would tone that down just a tad. It’sfunny …a person’s doll can be pale as a ghost and just a tad of blush becomes too much! It is just something you learn with practice. But, like most everything else…Less is Best. You can always add etc etc etc.
His nose is shaded very very well. And his lips are great color for his skintone.
My only really big criticism is that he is too shiny. That absolutely takes away the realness factor. Perhaps a little matte at the very end just before assembly should be a part of your routine. Just slap a wet hat over his hair and bake a matte finish.
Your small details can’t be seen in these pictures as they are too small, but as none jump out screaming at me I would have to say I think they are well done, at least in subtlty.
I think you did a great job. He is lovely and look very well proportioned and weighted. I would like to just snuggle him all up!
Now I can’t wait to go see the others.