Very upset! I received my full body Victorias


My full body Victoria kits came in, but when I opened the box I am missing the connectors to one! I am very upset! These kits were expensive!


email the supplier they should be able to send them to you


I got mine too- did you get 4 pieces in the connectors for each doll?


is that all thats supposed to be is 3 pieces plus the wire?


There are instructions from their website on how to assemble- looks right. Kinda like Gabriella/Angelica Schick


I emailed them. And I only got 4 pieces and that little stick.


Ladies could one of take a picture of your connectors and post it? Please. So that I can make sure I gave all the right parts! Thank you!


Ok, after sending her pics of my parts she pointed out that I have all of the connectors. I thought I was missing parts because I only have one hook. I am glad she took the time to help me bc any other business owner might not. Thank you Doll Dreams!


Yes, 3 pieces plus the wire. I only had one wire and that was confusing! Plus I didn’t know where the parts went. But I watched the demonstration and saw the pics of how to put it together and now it makes sense.


this is what came with mine.


Thanks Kristi!!


how soft is the vinyl compared to bb? id love to get this kit but it looks a little tricky to put together … i can not wait to see your babys reborn


She feels heavy and the vinyl is velvet soft. I think it will be very realistic.


I think she is awesome but will wait and see what else they come out with before I purchase one of these kits. At least by then some will have been reborned and I can get a chance to know the good the bad and the ugly before biting the bullet.


for 130 it dang well all better be there!


No kidding!


Cant wait to see all the babies…


Lol!! Right Kathryn!! The kit is very soft, much softer than BB’s kits. I looked at the instructions and I am sure I can put her together and do the kit myself. At first I was scared to try it on my own.