Vinyl limbs that need to be sewn on?


i have a doll that I’ve had since i was a child and i took it to get repaired almost 2 years ago but that person did not do a very good job so i want to redo it. i have never reborn a doll before so any tip or tricks would be greatly appreciated! i haven’t taken it all apart yet but the limbs are all barely hanging on and they are all sewn on. i haven’t been able to find any tutorials on how to sew vinyl limbs back onto a doll. it does not have the indents to use cable ties or an of the sorts. the lady i took it too just glued a new body over the old one and that didn’t hold either.


Welcome to the Forum! I wish I could help. I have a doll in a similar situation and am trying not to give up hope. If someone helps you then that would help me too. Good Luck!



Hello and welcome. What would be helpful is if you posted pictures. We have some pretty creative members here.


Thanks! The legs are still for the most part on. Also the head does 360s. I had to sewn the body tighter around the neck so it stopped falling off. There is a cone shaped piece in the middle of the body that the head attaches too but the lady never properly attached it


Perhaps you could use some kind of insert in the limbs to make a flange so you could use zip ties


I need to open mine, what ever it was stuffed with disintegrated.


How’s that possible!


It was some kind of foam, I’ll take pics after I take it out of the bin, in the closet. I am reorganizing!


It looks like the part falling out goes inside the puffy round part?

Have you tried liquid stitch? You can put it around the outside of the rim that is falling off, put that inside of the puffy part, use just a bit of cellophane to wrap it and tighten it, but still enough to get air.

It should be firmly held in 24 hours.

I have fixed porcelain dolls this way, when I have had to replace their limbs. Porcelain dolls attach with string on the outside, but it’s difficult to tighten as they also have no groves to attach ties.


I fixed a porcelain doll for my mail lady that looked like that. I believe it originally had a track for a string to attach it. A new body would fix that and allow you to re attach the limbs


@Anne show me your dolly I might be able to help :wink:


It is in the closet in a bin but I will get him out some time today for sure @CamsGigi He is an Asian Doll my daughter had him and lost his awesome clothes. I think he was made in Italy. He has a paci with some kind of mechanism in him for the suction sound. I took a pic of him a long time ago and posted it but don’t know where that is.


I redid a similar old doll for my niece, just made a 3/4 limb body w cables, put craft glue along top of limbs under cables and pulled them tight. Worked out fine :wink:


I ran into this same problem trying to restore a Madame Alexander “Puddin” doll last month. I called a doll restoration place and she told me you can’t reattach sewn limbs; that they use a VERY heavy machine to stitch through the vinyl. What I ended up doing was purchasing another Puddin doll on eBay…turns out it arrived in MUCH better shape than the pictures let on, so now I have a gorgeous new in the box Puddin!


@CamsGigi I have been too busy lately and haven’t gotten in that closet yet!