Violet kit color


I have a custom that wants me to make twin Violets. She is wanting it to look like one I did last February. When I go to order at BB it says peach kit. Was violet always a peach kit? I don’t remember when I did her last year if it was peach kit. I am not sure I’ve done a peach kit otherwise and am not sure what I need to do differently to make sure they turn out with light complexions like my first violet did. Anyone know?


Somebody correct me if I am wrong but in Jackie’s first video, she neutralizes peach with an orange wash.


Yes, orange is the first color she uses


I thought it was the paler BB kits that she uses the orange on first.


You would use whatever color is opposite on the color wheel. If you add orange to peach I believe it would make it darker peachy/ orange.


I’m more wanting to know if the kit has always been peach?