Wanna build a snowman? 3 month Joseph


My lovely customer shares pics with me every day of the Joseph I made for her. Thought you might like these:


What an adorable baby!


He is so cute. I love this guy! :heart:
I’m hoping to get to painting him before spring.


That is adorable.


He is such a dapper fella in that last pic! Stunning!




Awww!!! That is so so adorable!! He is so so cute!!!


Thanks everyone, she really loves this big boy :blush:


He is such a cutie what size does he wear.


She says 12 month tops and onesies, 18 mo pants to go over his big thighs, and size 3 shoes with socks.

I used the body by Roseann. He’s such a chub :heart:


So precious! Thanks so much for sharing.