"we are blessed" give away! winner announced on 1st post!


I felt to do this from the LORD JESUS CHRIST because I know that when we talk about Jesus it makes everything better and puts the devil to flight. I want to thank all of you wonderful ladies for entering and sharing with the forum world what GOD has done for you. He has always been there for me. [size=14]The Winner is Kennedys*boutique[/size] BUT IN GODS EYES AND MINE YOU ARE ALL WINNERS! ALWAYS KNOW YOU HAVE A SISTER IN CHRIST THAT WILL BE HERE FOR YOU WHEN YOU ARE N NEED

I’ve decided I would do a giveaway box. Just because I love you all here. You have been so good to help me match kits when i do custom kits. SO here is how its going to work.
tell me you what to join in on the give away And give me a short story about how you have been touched or Blessed by OUR GREAT GOD! I will have my hubby read all the stories and pick one. I will then tell the winner on the morning of Wednesday, June 6th. I will ship the Flat rate box to you full of GIFTS!!!


You are so sweet!!
Do you want us to answer here, or send you a private message? I have LOTS of stories about how God has blessed me beyond belief.


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You are so sweet!!
Do you want us to answer here, or send you a private message? I have LOTS of stories about how God has blessed me beyond belief.

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yes you can answer here


I love to talk about how God has blessed me, especially in the last 4 years.
I had anorexia for about 20 years. I was in treatment several times, and nearly died in early 2008 after some devastating losses in my life. Nothing was helping me-- I was SO sick for so long that many times I just wanted to give up. Everyone was so frustrated with me. Many gave up on me.
However, in spring of 2008, I came across a book one day-- it was Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind. It is about changing your thoughts, changing your mindsets, allowing God to work on your mind. I read it and was fascinated–that book was worth years and years of therapy! I read it again, and began to do what it said. I allowed the Lord to work on my mind.
In ONE month-- I made a complete turnaround. ONE month-- after 20+ years of trying to recover, God healed me. I went from depressed, anxious, afraid, and very sick-- to BETTER. God gave me joy again-- he changed me inside and out. In 2009, I was baptized at church-- to proclaim my faith. For a few months, I felt like I was under attack like crazy. And then in the fall 2009, God came through for me in a big way-- he blessed me with a dream I had been waiting a couple of years for. He not only saved my life, but then in rapid succession he blessed me with a new job that I loved, rest for my weary soul, some new friends in my life who were a huge blessing for me-
He has also blessed me AGAIN with another new job that I just LOVE-- I am so happy-- I have good people in my life (after being alone for so long)-- He is healing my aching heart, and giving me back my health (which I had ruined by 20 years of anorexia.) I am strong again-- He has made my body strong. He has blessed me by giving me an online forum to help other girls recover from eating disorders and abuse, and I have been able to share God’s love and talk about Jesus with many, many girls. By bringing me through some hard trials, He has made it possible for me to help others through theirs. I am also blessed with an amazing sister, absolutely beautiful niece and nephew who I love SOOOO much. Every day I am blessed just because I am alive. He has made me a grateful, loving, patient person-- after so many years being wrapped up in myself and my own problems. He has given me so many things-- a comfortable bed to sleep in, a safe place to live, people who I love, a car that runs well, a great job, wonderful kids in my class. I know that its all because of Him and how good He is- infinitely loving, patient, and full of grace.
I could go on and on… but I’ll stop there


I’m still here after three life threatening conditions when ever i feel that our family is in trouble we are givin what we need the most clear to me gift from god was when my son and i were in a car accident i felt him there such peace when i was rolling this reck should have killed us my son walked away with not even a scrath on him and i just had minner injuries every person involved said they have never seen someone walk away from such an accident i know he was there and is always there for me and well continue to be i have sertently been blessed and when i was a younger i was told i would never have children i have four there’s so many things i could say where he Has been there for me


Thank you so much for this opportunity! Please sign me up. Here is my story:

God has blessed me in so many ways. He is always there for me and takes care of my family. However, one of the most inspiring stories that I have heard about our awesome God was from a lady in my church who has a baby with Down’s Sydrome. This lady, only in her early 20’s went into the hospital to give birth to her daughter. She believed this baby to be a healthy child without anomolies. She was careful throughout her pregnancy, had all the tests and regular prenatal care. This was around ten years ago, but still it was highly unusual that they would have gone through the whole pregnancy never having found out. When the baby was born she and her husband were, of course, devastated. They were afraid for the baby’s future and had no way of knowing if she would be high fuctioning or need constant care. After the birth the baby was taken to the nursery to run tests and have a complete once over check up. The husband left for a short while at the wife’s behest to get some lunch and have a few moments away. While he was gone she began to cry again, and began to pray. She was sad and angry at the turn her life had just taken. During that moment of prayer she asked that God take her baby daughter to Heaven with Him. She was ashamed to admit that she did not want this imperfect baby, she wasn’t sure that she would be able to care for her and she was almost positive she could not come to love her. During this prayer a nurse came to the room with the baby to say that the baby was finished with the check up and asked if she might like hold her for a while and give her a feeding. She was a middle aged lady and very kindly with a hospital name tag that read Charlotte, when she saw that the new mommy was crying she asked if the lady might like to talk. The mother shared her feelings and fears that she might never grow to love the baby, about how she was afraid of the life ahead of her. The nurse simply took the baby from the bassinet. She smiled down into the baby’s sleeping face and began to relate to the new mother that she herself had a son with Down’s Sydrome and what an incredible and positive impact that child had made on her life. He was such a blessing and she never regretted that he was given to her (by God)to raise. The nurse told her stories and talked to her for several minutes, all the while holding the sleeping baby. She then placed the baby in the mother’s arms and the mother felt an instant love for the baby. She was comforted by the nurse’s words and felt that she could indeed handle the gift that God had given to her. She found it obvious why this particular nurse had been sent to her room with the baby and she was so thankful to have met her. The nurse patted her shoulder and left her to bond with her sweet little girl and a few minutes later when the husband returned to the room she shared her meeting with him and all of the things that the nurse had told her about her own son. They both agreed that they would like to give the nurse a small gift to thank her for her kindness. The next morning they were discharged as the baby was healthy aside from the Down’s diagnosis and they went home to rest for a few days. They returned the next week with a plant and a card to thank the nurse. They were told that there were no nurses in the hospital named Charlotte, that no one who worked in the hospital had that name. The mother tried to be patient, she told the hospital dirictor and the staff that they were mistaken, the lady had worn their hospital’s uniform and a name tag like all the other nurses with her name on it. She explained what the lady looked like and still no one at the hospital had ever heard of or knew Charlotte. After several minutes of trying to locate anyone in the hospital with that name to no avail, the new parents left taking the plant and the card with them. The mother was very frustrated until she sat to think a while about the moments proceeding the nurses interuption and the prayers that she had sent to God. They never found the nurse that the mother met at the hospital, no one knew or had ever heard of her. However, I think we all know how she showed up at the exact moment that the new mother needed her so very much. Our God is an Awesome God!


Well all I can say is he has been there for me when there was no one to turn to i could write a book also. HE has given to me a inner peace that only he has So all i can say is Praise be to God for i know he loves me and that is worth everything money cannot buy peace and love as for people who donot know i always say why dont you try God he makes all things new.

                               too blessed to be depressed


We’ve been reading these this morning and I think yall are giving hubby some “messages” to preach! He’s gonna have a hard time picking a winner from just these!!!


God has blessed me with so many things I could not begin to name them all. I feel his biggest blessing involves our sons. HE sent his son to die on the cross for me and I could never willingly sacrifice my only son for others. He saved my sons life even before he was born. I am not a fancy person and my husband and I never have had all the fancy things others do or feel they cannot live without. Now saying that I need to say, we have jobs and food and shelter and vehicles to go to work and people who love us. When my husband I was married just out of high school, we were school sweethearts. When we were married 33 years ago, last week was our anniversary, so many said we would never made it. When we had been married a little over a year we conceived, and soon found out we were having multiples. Twins ran in my family every 3rd generations and it was my turn. When I was 4.5 months along we had heard the babies’ heartbeats. The ultrasounds that are so common today were not then. I remember it was St. Patrick’s Day because I was wearing a new green pants suit my mom had made me. I was aware I had to be careful and not ruin my new outfit but I had nothing else green to wear to my job in the factory. I celebrate every holiday and almost holiday that comes along. i had gotten about a mile and a half from our home and a tragic think happened. I had a car wreck that I still to this day I do not remember any details about. I was learning to drive a standard transmission vehicle and was shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Next thing I know I feel as if I am falling and then I wake up and have no clue where I am. My glasses had flown off my face and I had been hit in the back of the neck with a 4 ton hydraulic jack. I was taken to the ER by my husband and we were hearing the babies’ heartbeats. My next appointment one of the babies’ heartbeat was not being heard and by the next month the second heartbeat had disappeared. At my 8 month check up I was diagnosed with toxemia. The two dead babies still in my body had set up a massive infection in my body and not just my life now was being threatened but that of my one surviving child. I was put on bed rest and watched closely. My son was born on July 19th of 1981. HE was small because my body was fighting to keep him and myself alive but he was a healthy 5lb and 8 oz boy who screamed his displeasure at being brought in to this world without his consent. He grew up with a learning disability but as safe and healthy as an overprotective mother could manage. Because of the injuries I sustained in this wreck I could conceive but never carry another child past the first trimester. He is now a firefighter like me and a member of the National Guard like his dad, A police officer like my dad. He grew up leading singing in church services and being drug around with me while I did things to help others like God helped me. He is now a dad when the doctors all said he would never be able to father a child and God love her she is so much like him it is unreal. He is also a foster parent to children who are in need of a safe and loving place to be. He not only learned all the lessons I had tried to teach him but he lives those lessons. He helps those he can, when he can. I remember one Sunday he was about 7 and running a fever so we stayed home while my husband went to service. I was rocking him and we were talking and singing , when he stopped and said something I will never forget. “Mom I always wondered what people did who did not go to church. I don’t like it. I rather be at church, I hate being sick!” I never even thought to talk about those who did not go to services.I kissed him on the head and we rocked some more until he fell asleep on my lap. Sorry this is so long and believe me I could go on and on but I won’t. Thank you for listening to the story of the best blessing God gave me


Wow, these stories are incredible. My greatest blessings are my children. When our oldest daughter was born almost 10 years ago, she had a spot on her lower back that looked like an oval shaped dent in the skin. After ultrasound and X-ray, the pediatrician came to the conclusion that it was simply a skin imperfection. We decided to follow up with a nuerologist at the children’s hospital. After MRI it was determined that she had a closed neural tube defect and a tethered spinal cord. So at 8 weeks old our precious baby girl underwent corrective explorative spinal surgery. Without this discovery and surgery she would have never been able to walk or function normally. Her spinal cord growth would have been restricted. She has absolutely no deficits from the surgery! Another miracle. She is only left with a scar and is missing a reflex in her ankle due to very slight nerve damage. Jumping ahead 7 years, my brother passed away unexpectedly the day before mother’s day. He was only 33. Directly following this my father was hospitalized for on going medical conditions and our family dog died from a gruesome accident. In all of this I never lost faith in God. I knew he would show me the good in life. Two months after my brother died, we found out I was expecting!! How could this be…my husband had had a vasectomy two years prior!! “The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.” Our miracle baby Nathan is a beautiful healthy and happy two year old. My husband has since had a second vasectomy in hopes that Nathan will be our only miracle baby! God has shown me through time and time again. Thank you for this opportunity to share.


I have been reading these posts and you ladies have had the most touching blessings in your lives. I think it is beautiful for you to share these intimate stories with all of us. We ALL are blessed in big and small ways each and every day just by the life HE gave us.

“In HIM comes my SALVATION”



Denise, this is so very kind of you. I don’t wish to be entered, because I’ve been blessed enough in my lifetime to last me thru eternity. When I found my brother and my Dad last year after being apart for 48 years, well, you see what I mean. In reading thru the stories here, I just wanted to say that I am so proud of ALL of us…we are survivors, each and every one! We’ve all felt the hand of God in our lives, most of us more than once. I am pleased to be a part of such a group. I truly believe we’re together here for a reason, and it’s much deeper than reborning. Love my BB family!




I know i don’t know y’all very well and that I am knew to the site, but I thought i would share my story and how I have been blessed By the power of God. I will try to keep it short. About three years ago i left the best man I have ever known. I once again was running from my past and didn’t know it. As a child a was molested by my uncle on my moms side. I never talked about it and didn’t think it was a big deal. It was just something that happened and i moved on. When i left i blamed my husband, he just irritated me and the things he said or did made me feel trapped, agree and ugly. After I left I started having flash backs from my child hood, and they were graphic, My passed had come back to haunt me. what I barried for 30 years I thought now was going to kill me. I didn’t want to talk to anyone or see anyone. I would go to work and go home and get in bed. One day laying in bed i started to prey and not like i used to I really ask for his help and gave all had to him. Since that day God has given me the power and strength, to face my past and he also has blessed me with a second chance with my husband. My husband has been very helpful, understanding and patient in my recovery, The Lord has also given me the courage to talk about this. I know now that it was not my fault and it was a big deal. My uncle has since past. i was never able to confront him and thought I was left without closure. I honestly feel bad that he died a very painful death. I don’t approve of what he did, but I never like to see anyone suffer. I think the saying that God will be the one to judge and punish is so true. Through God I have been able to find closure and I have been able to move on.

There have been many other blessing in my life, but this one was this biggest.

PS sorry for any miss spelled words or punctuation, Writing and spelling I was not blessed in. LOL


I am enjoying reading these stories of God’s love. I feel so blessed by all that God has given me even when sometimes I doubt Him just because of being so tired of this world. Yet God has given me a great husband, three wonderful children and a beautiful granddaughter along with her mommy! He is always there for me even on days I can hardly move, I am still blessed with the ability to move some when others can’t. I don’t wish to enter as I am so blessed to have the ability to join in here and have made friends here. God put me in a neighborhood with neighbors who needed me that have been closer to me than some of my family and now He has given me a place to meet new people. This hobby (obsession?) gives me something to do even on the days I can’t get up so I am occupied instead of depressed. It gives me a focus so I don’t hurt as bad. Just so glad to be here and hoping I can give back to God through this.

If you send me a pm with your second choice, I’ll try to send a little surprize box out to the second place winner!


I to was molested by my sisters father that’s why i was told i would never have kids my tubes where scared shut and i had no cervics left and aventually cancer that lead to a hyterectomy it Has been a road to recovery but know your not along and if u ever need to talk to someone who Has been though it I’m here


Thank you so much for your generosity in having this contest for us! I think we are all winning, being inspired by each others’ stories!
When it comes to describing the way the Lord has blessed me, many things come to mind. Of course there are the bad things that He has brought me through, such as medical problems, miscarriage, the loss of my mother, and countless other everyday disappointments and struggles. Then there are good and happy events, such as falling in love, the births of my children, and of course all of the wonderful friends I have met throughout the journey of my life. Life brings us good and bad, and God is right by our side through it all.

However, looking at the grand scheme of things, I realize that God’s greatest blessing to us all is Jesus, his only begotten Son. He is the one who suffered and died for us on the cross, so that we might be reconciled to God, so that we might know Him, and know the lengths to which He is willing to go to save us. What greater Love, what greater blessing can there be?

Whatever happens to us here on earth-- good or bad-- is temporary. But the Lord has given us the gift of eternal joy with Him. That is the greatest blessing to me, and to all who believe and trust in Him.


This is SO GREAT!!! Just what i wanted was for u all to feel like a family and share “OUR AWESOME GOD” with each other. These stories have helped me this weekend. Ihave sit and read all of them more than once and find myself saying " Oh I am so BLESSED" . I have 2 sons and never have lost one. A wonderful GODLY Holiness preacher husband, never lost a parent or sibling. I have had sickness in my family but never lost anyone. GOD IS GOOD TO ME!! Thanks for joining in on this.


I have to say that it is pretty refreshing to read all of these posts, because there are not many believers in my family, and I often find myself a little bit alone in my faith (thankfully, my husband is a devout Christian too!). I think it is really something special to find other people who not only have the same interest in reborning, but also the same passion for the Lord.

I appreciate and love each and every one of you, and I’m so glad I’m part of this forum!


For the past few days the hymn Our God is an Awesome God has been constantly on my mind and I have found myself waking up trying to sing it. LOL My chihuahua Chalupa thought I was crazy! Why is Mama singing in her sleep? Crazy lady! LOL
I cannot remember “meeting” the Lord, because it seems I have always “known” Him. My first memory of Bible stories or teachings was finding my Nana’s bible on the shelf and seeing the picture of Daniel in the lion’s den and Shadrach, Meshach, and Obendigo in the firey funace. They were excellent pictures and since have learned they were by some of the finest artists the world has known to date. I always knew how the stories would turn out…God saved the people who had faith in Him. Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? But I grew up, and realized that although it was easy to believe that God would take care of those who had faith in Him, it wasn’t so easy to always have faith. Since Faith is a decision, like all humans I had my fair share of “wrong” decisions which can sometimes weaken a person’s ability to choose the right path.
The biggest blessing that God gifted me with is my husband Tom. We have been married almost 46 years this September. We met on March 19th, 1962 at Freshman dancing lessons. Tom attended St. Augustine High School (for boys) and I attended Academy of Our Lady of Peace (all girls) in San Diego. We were 15 years old. Like all teenage girls of the time I wanted a boyfriend, but I wanted only ONE, the one I would marry. I remember for the week prior to the 19th talking with the Lord as I would walk to and from school, and telling Him that I hoped he would have the man I as to spend my life with at the dance class. We spent a lot of time talking back and forth about how I wanted this, and He asking me over and over did I NEED this?
So, on March 19th at about 3:45 in the afternoon I found myself facing a boy with pimples and sunburned ears and large lips and very light blue eyes. It was by “chance” that we were facing each other, because that is where I was when the music stopped! We introduced ourselves, and then danced through the lessons. He asked for my phone number during the last song, and before I could give it to him he disappeared with his friend to help put the equipment away and to strike the flag. My friend Sally and I messed around in front of the gym for almost 30 minutes waiting for him to pass us on the way to the bus stop 6 blocks away. I was determined to give him my phone number! Finally we saw the two of them walking very fast! They passed us right up without even seeing us! Fr. Wasco who was “watching” us all said to me, “sometimes girls need to take the initiative”. Then he turned and began to joke with another group of kids. Sally said “go after him”. So, I did. In 6 inch high patent leather heels I began to quickly walk after them. They had about 2 blocks ahead of me, and then of all things they broke into a run! So, here I am in 6 inch heels, nylons with a seam that had to be straight, running like a fool after a boy I didn’t even really know! When I caught up with them at the bus stop it was hard to be nonchalant and get in line directly behind him! I was puffing and huffing and “glowing” and man did my feet hurt! I just stood there, and prayed that he would turn around or SOMETHING! So, a minute later he dropped all his books! To this day he doesn’t know what happened…but I do! I helped him pick them up and he said…“aren’t you Joy? I’m glad I ran into you! I didn’t get your number!” That was a Monday. He called Thursday night while Dr. Kildare was on TV. We never dated anyone else.
We were married September 13, 1966. That is another huge long story that I won’t get into here. We eloped and were married in a nuptial mass in the Cathedral in Boise Idaho.
We have had very hard times in our family and in our marriage. Months and years of unemployment, the death of two of our daughters. The near death of two others, serious accidents, and a lot of grief when our parents died. Now in later years we have faced the added dimension of getting older, and our health becoming an issue and realizing we won’t be here much longer and struggling to find the energy to continue to minister to our kids, our family and to our Church.
We were kids when we married. We have grandchildren older than we were then and it seems amazing that we are still together, still in love, and Tom still walks right by me and keeps on looking for me! LOL
Three of us got married that evening in Idaho, not two. THAT has always been what has kept us together and gave us the courage and the love to have nine children, six tiny foster babies from Tijuana, six teenage foster sons, and numerous challenges in ministry. The Lord has filled our pitchers over and over, sometimes at the very last possible moment, but has never failed to help us fill up again, so that we could pour out more.
Tom was ordained a Permanent Deacon in the Catholic Church in 2000. He has now been in formal ministry for 12 years. Hard years, and beautiful years. He has buried more than a dozen of our children’s friends from accidents and soul wrenching suicides. Presided at the marriages of others, baptized their babies and again presided at the funerals of older wonderful people who are sorely missed.
We had our moments when our children died of doubting God’s love, of wondering why we were going through such pain? At such times just praying over and over, " God I choose You. I choose to have faith. I choose to stick it out." In the end we were blessed to see how the stones in the path of the journey were the teaching instruments to be able to comfort others and lead them back to a relationship with God. Tom has never done a wake service or a funeral service, that someone from the family will say to him, " I haven’t been to church in 20 years. How do I come back?"
That is the biggest blessing of all. To be able to show others the way to God and help them find His peace.

Good grief! I think I thought I was writing the great American novel! I have never known how to say something in only a few words! LOL Tonight at our dinner table we had four generations eating ribs and celebrating the birthday of our Great grandson Michael Patrick who is 5 tomorrow. Micheal said to me, “Nana! You talk a LOT!” roflmbo! I guess I do.

Thanks for this opportunity to share a part of my life and to tell you about how God keeps on keeping on with me.
ps Father Wasco told me at our 40th class reunion that he remembered the afternoon of our meeting clearly. He said he had NO idea why he told me what he did! He said he has thought of it over and over for 50 years! All he has ever been able to conclude is that the Holy Spirit used him to deliver a message. To this day he still marvels that miracles are around us ALL the time and we don’t even know it!


I Live an ordinary everyday simple life. I see the way that God has blessed me in the simple things that I am lucky enough to enjoy everyday. Life is indeed a blessing in itself. I would love to be in your drawing:)