What are you using for painted hair!


I would like to try my hand at painted hair, what is everyone using? Airdry paint or GHSP! What else do you mix with it? Thanks for any info !


I use air dry (premium artist acrylics) and mix it with matte medium (Hobbycraft’s own brand). I mix my paint slightly thicker than usual and then apply it using a disposable eyeliner wand. It’s about the same length as a toothpick, but it gives me a lot of control. On toddler heads, I use a rigger brush for my long sweeping strokes and the eyeliner wand for detailing xx.


I use GHSP and mix with Mona Lisa paint thinner. I keep it pretty thick and use a script liner brush with just a few bristles on it. A lot of ladies here use prisma pencils though.


I use Baby FX Air Dry paints mixed with Slow Dry or Jo Sonjas Retarder and just a little distilled water. I use a combination of liner brushes and a dagger brush. I seal the hair when it is dry with Genesis heat set Satin sealer and a stiff brush because I like the textured look of lines I get like little hair lines and the slight sheen makes the hair pop. I am still working on my techniques and each baby is getting better.



I have to be honest and say that I have rarely ever seen any Prisma drawn hair that looks very realistic to me as most people make their lines too big and straight. I have seen a few who can do it when they use a light hand and give the hair a wispy look.


I paint hair and hardly ever root. It’s my favorite part! I use acrylics mixed with a flow aid and ultra matte gel…

Here are some of my babies on this thread


I have seen some beautiful Prisma hair, but it does take a very light hand and a very sharp pencil.


I used prisma last time. Verrrrry sharp and light!


I used prisma after matte for these eyebrows, too.


I use prisma pencils. :slight_smile:


I guess it’s only fair that if I am going to defend prisma hair, I should show you mine…


I agree with everyone else on the sharp pencils & when I’m drawing hair, I have 2 or 3 of the same color sharpened so I don’t have to keep stopping to sharpen. Yep. I’m THAT lazy! :smile:

Prisma for Cozy ~ first time using blonde pencils:

Prisma and paint for Clyde ~

Paint for Owen ~ first time painting blonde:

Prisma for Celeste ~


sheesh! Why didn’t I think of that. I’m always sharpening my pencils as I work and it drives me crazy to lose the flow! Thanks Karin. You’ve streamlined my life.


Glad I could be of help ~ really, though, I’m lazy and hate to keep stopping to sharpen pencils :wink:


Thank-you all for all the great info! Now to make a decision as to how I want to do it! I think first thing will be to get a test head (or two) and do some test runs with the different options and see what works best. May have to watch a few tutorials for the proper flow of things. Has the painted hair been more popular than the rooted when comes to sales? Thank you all so much and girls that posted pictures they are awesome, let’s hope I get there!


I find that my dolls sell either way. My Prisma and Combi dolls sell just as fast as rooted, although I would guess that rooted hair is probably the most popular because people can style it etc.


They sell a set of 12 of prisma colors (variety) at Wal-Mart now for $15.


Thank you Helen! This is definitely going to be a learning experience for me!


Thank you for the heads up! I am assuming that the Browns & blacks are the colors mostly used along with accents?


If you decide to use Prisma, read all the info you can find on this forum. (Use the the search glass) There are many colors that turn red when you bake the head with the pencil in place. You are safe with black, umber, and the like, but the colors like sienna, with a redder base are no-go’s. If you have a place that sells individual pencils, don’t buy a whole set. You won’t use most of the colors unless you do other forms of art too.


I will say I have and still do use Prisma Pencils sometimes for eyebrows. They are easier to control than paint on certain shaped foreheads and if you use a light hand can look decent. [quote=“honojane, post:10, topic:39759, full:true”]
I guess it’s only fair that if I am going to defend prisma hair, I should show you mine…

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This is an example of very nice Prisma hair that has an appearance of softness movement to it!

I am still trying to get the soft look of movement to my painted hair using paints. It is such a hard thing for me to master!