What are you using for painted hair!


I have a bunch for coloring books lol so they are (for me) worth the whole set


LOL…I just sent a coloring book and pencils to a friend the other day who’s dealing with a lot of stress in her life right now :slight_smile:


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My favourite colouring book at the moment



Thank you.


@hue22creations they have become very popular!


@honojane we have a Michaels that sells them and I believe hobby lobby has them also, don’t have the time to get into the coloring even though they say it is relaxing so I will only be getting what I think I need.
Thank you everyone for all the recomendations I will take them all to heart when taking this journey.


@DDDolly (Debra) shared some really good pencil info with me yesterday. I don’t think she will mind if I pass it on. (Thanks Debra!)
Hi Helen, yes Prisma used to be a good pencil, but they break easily inside & they half the time or more are not centered inside the wood & you have to sharpen them too much. I & many other artists find them not nearly as good as they we’re when they had quality control, now they sell on their name only & do not care if their product is still as good. I love the ease & pigments of the Lyra Rembrant Polycolor, the Derwent-inktense pencils & Polychromos by Faber-Castell pencils, they work together, they last longer & they lay color with no pressure & blend beautifully. They are very easy to sharpen & less waste, no breaking when you drop them & they have where you can choose just the colors you use at DickBlick.com. Also when you spend 65-69.00 you get free shipping their art supplies are always on sale I so I always spend that much when I reorder supplies. I buy all my paints there also. Lyra Rembrant Polycolor is a great oil pencil & great for fine point lines & blending for hair & eyebrows with the other pencils & paint. Hope this helps. God bless & have a restful evening. Love & gentle hugs, Debbie :slight_smile::rose:

Now I have used Prisma pencils for years and was under the impression I was still using the same pencil I fell in love with years ago. After Debra’s update, I’m going shopping! I’ve heard other good things about the Derwent Inktense.


Thanks for sharing @honojane and @DDDolly, any info I can get on using pencils is great, I will be checking them out! One question are you putting a matte varnish on the head or anything to help the pencil apply easier? I have used the white pencils to map the hair for rooting and it seems difficult to get it to apply. Thank you so much it is greatly appreciated! Love you ladies! Always ready to lend a helping hand! ( or should I say word):grinning::heart:


Yes! The pencils will not go on without a base of varnish. On my GHSP dolls I use satin varnish and it works great for me. I have just started with air dry and don’t know what to use there, so I will be asking questions and experimenting.

I just went to ■■■■ Blick, and they were out of most of the individual pencils I wanted to try, so I went to Jerry’s Artarama, and they had all but one of what I wanted. So I ordered $50 worth of pencils. Sheesh. I have no boundaries when it comes to art supplies. I should be able to buy one or two pencils just to try, but nope. I get there and am dazzled by the pretty colors!


@hue22creations Where did you find the Enchanted Forest coloring book? I would love to find one for myself! I love the adult enchantment and whimsical coloring books!


@honojane You and I have the same downfall…I go gung ho into everything!!:heart_eyes:


They are on Amazon.com($9.80) or you can buy the trio ( ocean, secret garden, enchanted forest) for $30 the entire book is colorable the cover comes off and you can color the cover and dust cover. Look on pintterest for pictures people have done it is amazing!



Thank you so much for the info!!! :heart_eyes:


Well that explains a lot! I have noticed that I have nearly chewed up several pencils trying to sharpen them!


You can still use your satin varnish. I use GHSP varnish over my air dry Baby FX paints all the time. It is still my preferred method to seal and give painted hair texture.


I tried using prismas (already had them for coloring with) for painted hair and HATED it! Thick GSHP works much better for me


I know what you mean Helen. I went into Blick also and looked and I was like what colors would I need to order and which ones! I’m kind of at a loss right now trying to decide, but I guess if a lot of them were out for you I have time to think about it. Geez what would I do without you girls!:upside_down_face:


I’m always nervous about using products over one another that are not compatible. I’d sure love to use my satin varnish though. You haven’t had any issues at all? How long have you been using them together?