What can you use to get rid of shine on baby painted with genesis and sealed with matte varnish?


I baked her three times and now her cheeks are shiny is there an air dry product you can use to get rid of it?


Is it only her cheeks that are shiny?


Yeah for the most part .


Americana Soft Touch varnish will get rid of it if you use this formula. It’s not my recipe but I’ve used it a number of times with very good results. It’s very matte and you might have to put it on the whole baby to make it match.

20 drops of distilled water
1/4 teaspoon cornstarch
1 level plastic spoon of Soft Touch Varnish
Dissolve cornstarch in water. Add Soft Touch varnish. Stir very well and apply.


Nice formula @jeanhai thanks for sharing!


Thank you very much, Can you buy the americana varnish at a store or do you have to order it online ?


you can get it in craft stores and Walmart I think carries it


Thank you.


Thank you.


I bought mine at Michael’s.


ok so I bought the wrong thing … americana satin varnish in a bottle … will this work ? does the other come in a bottle or a tub ? I looked online and saw both.


Mine came in a white plastic jar with a lavender label. You could try the satin on an unpainted limb or on the neck or limb flange and see what you think. You can strip it off after. I think it leaves somewhat of a sheen.


Thanks , I am trying to find the right stuff locally hobby lobby sells it but i called to see if its in stock b4 driving out there … and the lady said its a 2 oz bottle .


Macphersons sells AR Shine Remover. I have bought it but haven’t tried it yet.


Thanks let me know how you like it once you try it out. I just used Jeans Recipe and it is working.


Thanks Jeanhai and anjsmiles It worked for the most part. I tried it on a spare leg first and had good results accept for the creases in between the toes …came out kind of chalky white looking there.


Not my recipe. I just passed it on.


Thanks for sharing.