What color hair would you use?


What color hair would you use with these eyes? Brows and lashes not done until I decide what color hair.



I’m gonna go out on a limb, but if you could nail the color, strawberry blonde would probably look amazing. :blush:


I would use pale blonde or very light brown.


I also think a strawberry blonde would be perfect.


I.think id like a dark brown show up her light.eyes


Maybe a light baby brown type of colour?


I’d say a blonde to dark blonde color. Nothing too dark.


Oooh light brown for sure!! I love brown haired babies- reddish blondes aren’t for me but I guess it could work with the eyes!


I agree with light brown or dark blonde.


Thanks everybody. I was thinking light brown or strawberry blonde. I have some strawberry blonde but I’ve had difficulty finding baby brown hair that I like. it’s usually too blonde, too reddish or kind of muddy looking.


Very blonde to strawberry blonde :slight_smile:


Strawberry Blonde!


Light brown


Very pale white blonde


Maybe a soft baby brown, it’s almost a medium blonde.