What do you say? (Mums of stillborn)


What a compliment. Your doll looked so real. Don’t worry a lot of people are freaked by dolls and clowns.


Everyone grieves lose in their own way .I personally delivered sleeping twins .3 years later I was blessed with my beautiful son .While my husband and I were trying to give him a brother or sister I learned that I suffered from infertility.After 10 years of trying for a second child I fell into a depression.I accidentally stumbled across this site while looking into making a reborn for my Grandma to help her heal not realizing that this site and all you wonderful ladies would help me heal myself . I find satisfaction in shopping for your babies on our swaps .I look forward to logging in to see all your comments and Wip pictures . @Mommarobin your babies are beautiful and I hope to own one someday . Keep doing what you are doing because even if you don’t know it you have helped someone pull themselves out of the pits of infant loss depression


Thanks e eryone! I so appreciate all the support on this forum! You all are wonderful!


I had a similar situation when I brought out a baby to show off at a gathering at my house not thinking how it would affect a friend of mine who had lost her preemie years ago…I just wasn’t thinking.

It was hard she really melted down.

Just tell your friend you are sorry that you understand and that you hope there are other ways you can stay in touch and remain connected.