What do you think of these two as twins? Better picture added


I had these matching outfits hopefully for twins. What do you think of using Ariella and Sharlemae together as twins? Sorry for the blurry picture but I was trying to not use the flash.
Here is a clearer picture.


Look like twins to me!! :slight_smile:


I loveeeeee!


Definitely. They look really good together.


I agree, they do look good as twins.


They go well together as twins… I have twin grandsons that are 9 now


yep you nailed it.


Thank you all for the nice comments. I have changed they eyes on Sharlemae three times. The first eyes were brown, then very dark blue. She always looked like a deer in headlights. Yesterday I changed to this light blue but am still not sure if this is the right color or maybe a medium blue. Any thoughts on this?


I think I need a closer look. Send them to Auntie Lolli so I can determine.


Absolutely! Very cute twins!