What is the right price?

So can I get you ones with more experience than I on how u decide ur price? I put the best into my babies and and premium everything. I only have been using BB kits. I usually sell baby, Onesie, two pacifiers, blanket, outfit and sleeper, headband, brush set and bottle. I do premium mohair. I ask 300. I’m thinking I’m only making 150 for endless hours of work. I was told by someone wanting to purchase one

of my babies that they thought that was to much so now I’m wondering!


I haven’t sold any babies, so this is strictly how I see it. I think your babies in these pics are beautifully done. I don’t think $300 is too much. Some sell them for a good bit more, and I don’t think they are overpricing theirs, either.

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I think you could go even higher since you are rooting and including all of that stuff


Pricing is hard to figure out. I still struggle with it… I say look at where you are selling, see what babies are going for where the painting and rooting is on your level and that will give you a good starting point. And if someone thinks it’s too much, that’s fine. They don’t have to buy.


Awe, stop wondering, they are just trying to talk you down, lol! Your babies are nice!


Thank u all so much!!

I haven’t tried selling anywhere but in my home town and have done well but on a reborn group Someone was asking for a baby and I priced mine to her and that’s what she said kinda hurt me feeling lol

$300 is definitely not too much, especially for a rooted baby. People who think it’s too much have no idea of the expense, time and effort required to make a reborn. They don’t mean to be hurtful. Don’t waffle on your price. They’re worth it.


You may be making way less profit than you think - here’s the formula I use to price babies:

Kit price:
Body price:
Stuffing price: (around $3 USD for most stuffing brands, for a newborn)
Glass bead price: ($3 USD per pound from BB, if you use say 4 pounds of beads that’s $12)
Eyes price:
Hair price:
Magnet price: (if you use a large inside the head and one regular for a pacifier, $3 total):
Material shipping:
:star:️If the baby is a custom, the total from the categories so far is what I charge as a down payment!!

Now your supply cost, which can usually be figured out one single time and added to the price of each of your babies. This is the wear and tear and consumption of supplies you use for every baby. Remember to include the cost of running your sink and oven, dish soap, the percentage of your paints and mediums used (watch as you paint one doll and try to figure out the percentage of each jar used, take a rough average. Add up how many paints you have/how much you spent on them in total, charge the percentage of that price that you use of the paints; same for mediums), percentage of thinner used on each baby, brushes and sponges (again figuring out how many babies you go through before replacing these, divide the total cost of brushes & sponges by this number and charge that), percentage of Prisma pencils used, rooting needles, percentage of glue used, zip ties, pantyhose for glass beads - anything else you can think of that you use, too.

Now, add up the actual amount you spent on the layette. I keep a note in my phone for each baby to which I add prices of each item I buy, and total it up at the end. Remember to include part of the cost of a box of diapers.

Don’t forget to also add up your shipping materials - box, bubble wrap, garbage bags, wrapping paper, whatever you use!!

I have long suspected that most of us are actually losing money on reborning - the average amount of money I SPEND on making a doll is $250 USD!! It’s easy to let the little things add up without ever charging for them.


Your babies are beautiful! No way are you asking too much, in my opinion.

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I have written so many posts about this, and I have a feeling I am going to be long winded.

Pricing is the hardest part and even thought I have been doing this a little while I still have trouble with it. I don’t get back what I put in (as a professional artist I know what my skills are worth) and the deal I have with myself is that when it stops being fun I won’t do it anymore. This is an accidental hobby turned into an accidental business and I really enjoy it.

When I started my prices were low and I took a loss (meaning I covered supplies but I wasn’t paying myself). As my skills improved my prices started to rise, as demand increased my prices went up. I ramped up slowly, testing the market. My goal was to recoup my costs and to pay myself fairly.

There is a woman (I don’t know her personally, she might be a lovely person, and no offense if she is a friend, this isn’t personal it is business) she is all over You Tube and FB pushing a master class. I have no trouble with anyone charging for sharing skills, teaching is a beautiful thing. What I have a problem with is pulling people in with false information.

This masterclass is suppose to give you a paint-by-number-fail-proof-system that will bring three thousand dollars a month by quickly making babies and throwing them up on ebay and letting the bidders go wild.

For me personally a Master Class means they are teaching next level, top level stuff, I am an expert with something to share that you can’t get for free on You Tube.

Anyone who starts off selling anything saying “I was in debt now I am swimming in money, here is how” is not offering you a master class they are trying to make money. If I knew where buried treasure was they wouldn’t tell you, they would keep it a secret and dig it all up themselves…we are human.

If you engage in this, do it to learn a skill don’t spend the last of your savings thinking this will be a quick way to dig yourself out of debt.

Nope. Not going to happen. This is an expensive hobby.

Anyone can paint a reborn, anyone can learn some simple techniques and paint a good baby but it isn’t going to be a 3000 baby.

Not everyone can paint a prototype, not everyone can paint a baby that can stand up under natural light, in person, and look realistic. Not everyone can paint a really good prop baby and ebay is flooded with scammers at the moment.

If you go in with the idea that you will take more than you have earned you will fail. You may get some fast money if you are good and cringy but you will be outed eventually.

No one collects scam babies, no one goes on social media and brags about a crap baby they paid too much for. A great artists will slowly attract a solid following and scam artist will always be waiting in the shadows for the next sucker.

Art is emotional and if you are doing this from a creative place it is hard to put a price on that.

Don’t go into this trying to make a living, go into it having fun, learning, growing creatively, sharing your art. Try to get back the overhead, as your skills improve pay yourself until you feel you are getting what you deserve, it will take time and hard work.

This is smoke and mirrors, we are creating an illusion, we are connecting with mostly women on a very emotional level. We also have a responsibility to not take advantage of that vulnerability.

Let the bargain hunters, the hagglers, the sob-story free reborn people play with the scammers on ebay. I would suggest being a part of keeping this art form beautiful, honest, fair, and make the best baby you can.

Great ways to save money are to buy sale kits (you would be surprised how cute some of the least expensive reborns turn out, skill trumps kit. Buy de-stash kits and supplies from artists who are no longer reborning. Buy baby clothes on clearance, mix and match those outfits, have fun. You can make a lot of things yourself like rompers and hats. Buy what you can in bulk. BB offers a great shipping price, best around, so save up your order until you have a long list and order once. Use your Michaels coupon to buy the big bag of stuffing. Trade with other artists who make things you need with things you make.

That may be more than you asked.

If you are listing your babies where they are being seen, (Etsy and Reborns offer analytics so you can see how many people are looking, how many people like, how many people click to see more.) and things are still slow you might want to find out where you can make a change, price, quality, photography.

If they are selling faster than you can make them then it is time to bump that price up a little more.

I do research before I set a price. I go to other sites, look up the same kit, and I find artists that are at the same skill level as me (this takes being very honest with yourself) I average out those prices with what I think is a fair price for me personally and that is my price.

At this time I am still pricing on the lower side, I don’t feel I am being paid fairly for the work I put in but I am still learning and my skills keep improving and I am building a very nice client base that supports me, as I grow, it grows, and so does my price.


I simply love art of making my babies and pretty sure I’m in the red. People just don’t understand what goes into this I think. But I’m truly addicted to the art now so I must sell in order to continue lol! I have never tried selling on reborn.com or eBay but may need to venture out into these areas.


I wonder how many people feel pressured to sell? If you enjoy it and it is fun and you give babies to nursing homes and nieces, that should be enough. Success isn’t about dollars its about joy in life.


And like u said if it ever becomes a chore for me then I won’t do it. I fall in love with mostly all my babies. And my little granddaughters love that mamaw now can make their dream babies. Thanks for all the support. I love our group . You all have helped me tremendously!


Just finished this sweety last night at about 2am.


You know how to say things so elegantly. Very well said.


Lslusher1, Hi, I am not an artist. I am, like I said, in the beginning phace of reborning. I have spent months reading, watching videos on how to reborn and spent more than what you are asking for your beautiful baby in materials getting ready to start. Don’t get discouraged, it is normal to think our reborn babies are expensive if you’re not in this hobby. It takes time, effort, and talent to reborn a baby. The price of the reborn for me is the price of materials used in addition to the level of artistic proficiency involved in the art. Keep the good work.



You are right. Proficiency comes with “practice”. Slowly but surely. It isn’t something you learn from a class but from different sources. Right now I can afford to bye a reborn, but I love to learn new skills. I always love dolls. I am retired and just can’t wait to create my first reborn. For me is a hobby that involves “ art “ that I was never able to develop before. It is interesting being able to transform that doll into a realistic baby. I know it will take time and effort but the satisfaction will be “Priceless”.


I’m sure u will do great. I have been doing it since last September. I started by accident making my two little grandbabies one for Christmas. I had them a box opening and those were two happy girls. I have been hooked ever since. Lol