What to do: not happy with the reborn I paid $677 for


Please help! I don’t want to be THAT customer but I did pay almost $700 for him. I bought my Riley (the Quinn kit) a couple months ago. He was my answer to ‘I don’t get the four children I want and instead must stop at two’ (long story, ask if you like, otherwise I won’t bore you) and has become sort of a comfort item (something about baby weight with what looks SO much like a real baby shrug). Anyway his rooting came out almost instantly even though he was never roughly used (I never even brushed his hair, just smoothed it with my hand). She was very good about it and offered to pay to have him shipped back. Turns out instead of rerooting the original head she painted a whole new one (can you not reroot a head? #newbie). His hair looks pretty good (and what do I know, rooting scares me, haha). But there are several flaws that I could not see in the one short video she sent and I’m just not happy with him :frowning:

There are pencil marks (they look like maybe they’re supposed to be hair…?) that look super out of place. Baby acne on the nose (and top of the ear) that is SUPER obvious… there’s almost NO color to his sweet, bowed, upper lip. And the purple she added to his upper lids doesn’t look blended well (to the point it almost looks like a port wine stain at the corner of one eye). He just looks like he was done in a hurry. Which, considering she had him for 13 days (not including days for shipping) seems a little much.

What do I do? As I said, I don’t want to be THAT customer and she already ‘fixed’ him once but… Then there’s the fact that I was without him for THREE weeks and as I said he’s become a sort of help with my anxiety…

Any suggestions…?



That’s definitely a booboo baby. Why couldn’t she root the one you sent back?


@Theara , I have no idea. I thought when she had me send back the head that’s what she was going to do. His original head was quite beautiful…


He was gorgeous. Maybe she sold him to someone else?


Oh dear :frowning:


@Theara I’m doing everything I can not to think that, heh I’m so disappointed, when I had problems with his rooting she seemed to bend over backwards to get it fixed… then it took THREE WEEKS to get a HEAD back and when I do it’s not nearly the quality of the first.


That’s not a $700 doll. And sorry, any customer who forks out $700 on a doll earns the right to be “that customer.” You have the right to demand the same head he had before. If she no longer has it, you need a refund. $700 will buy you an amazing baby from someone else. :confused:


Can you request a refund for the reborn baby? I would want my money back.


So if I ask for a refund should I agree to give him back…? I’m reticent to do so… but not doing so feels dishonest or as if I’m cheating her in some way.


Yes. A refund would require sending the baby back.


@Theara , I’m not sure. If I remember correctly she does NOT do refunds :frowning:️ …


Give him back and get a better baby. I know what you’re saying. It’s hard to give him back to her but you’ll be angry if you don’t. Heck, you could get a nice silicone for a little bit more.


She has to with this situation. Did you use PayPal?


Yes I thought so, @Katinafleming … it’s a moot point, she doesn’t do refunds sigh I just don’t understand why she didn’t reroot the original head.


@Theara , no :woman_facepalming:t2:


She may say no refunds. But she sent you the wrong doll. That’s a PayPal case if she doesn’t refund you. PayPal will side with you.


@Katinafleming , I was an idiot and didn’t use PayPal


Oh no. How did you pay?


If she says no refund tell her you’ll post it on the scammer pages. If she wants to save her reputation she will make it right. And since you said she was willing to make it right before, give her the benefit of the doubt and expect her to make it right this time. Politely tell her this is the wrong head and you aren’t happy with it.


Try a kit from here painted but not rooted. A lot of great artists offer custom rooting.