What's your favorite movies or tv shows?


My name is Theara and I’m a GOT, Handmaid’s Tale, Supernatural and Power addict. I’m also into Mr Robot, American Horror Story and anything sci-fi or good drama or horror. The last good movie I watched was the Summer of 84.


I’m a wicked Greys Anatomy fan. I also love to watch Great British Bake Off and occasional AHS. I can only take AHS in short doses though :joy: I’ve been meaning to try Handmaid’s tale, everyone says it’s good! I know it’s a kids show but I’ve been watching Just Add Magic while reborning lately. The little kids I watch got me hooked. But Grey’s anatomy is my go to.


I’m not into Grey’s but have heard good stuff. Yeah, I binge ahs and take breaks. Still can’t finish murder house lol. I also spoiled 6th season because I couldn’t handle the colony any longer. Too creepy! I keep meaning to watch the Great British Bakeoff but I forget. Tell me more hehe…


Outlander and the earlier seasons of Doctor Who! I’m also a big fan of Stranger Things and NPH’s version of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Plus Mike Schur’s shows (eg. Brooklyn Nine Nine and Parks and Rec). And that’s not counting the cartoons (Futurama, Bob’s Burgers)… hey, do I watch too much TV? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Sometimes I just put late-night talk shows on autoplay on Youtube… I always watched Colbert with my dad when I was little, so his voice is very calming to me, lol)


How did I forget Stranger Things! Is the show not coming back for a third season? My son got me into Rick and Morty. That show is bonkers. I used to watch some anime but I don’t have time for it. Have you watched Magicians? It’s a little like Outlander.


I’m almost positive they’re filming season 3! I’m looking forward to seeing Eleven living a (relatively) normal life, haha


That girl deserves better than she’s gotten. How did you like season 2?


I thought it was pretty good! The kid who plays Will is an INCREDIBLE actor, I was so impressed with him


Will and Eleven had the hardest parts last season. I like how Lucas and Dustin are growing up. Mike made me so angry last season. He seemed selfish in a way.


THIS IS US ~ season 3 premiere tonight on NBC!


Blacklist is awesome on reg tv. I mostly watch ID. And forensic files. I’m a true crime junkie. Can’t get enough!


I LOVED Murder House but I’m on Colony now and it is very creepy to me. Nailed It on Netflix is really fun if you like baking shows. They show people trying to recreate amazing confections and most of the time they well…fail. Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing is great but very political. Are you looking for a good show to watch?


Murder house was awrsone! I loved the witch one too and the carnival. I didn’t care about the hotel. Isnt there a new season? I usually wait for the whole thing on netflivks and binge.
Rectify, ozarks, hand of God, and the fall are all good. There’s more, I need to look up the names.
Oh! The one with the actress that plays Scully!


Y’all, I’m about halfway through Sharp Objects and it’s so good! It’s really dark though- definitely not with kids around. I like GOT but I read the books first and still have mixed feelings about the series diverging from the books. And is that last book EVER going to be written? I have my doubts :frowning: I loved AHS and The Walking Dead but I feel like the later seasons of both have not been able to maintain the quality of the first few seasons. At this point in TWD, I’m actually rooting for the zombies…

I loved the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale but I don’t have any interest in watching season two. I know that Margaret Atwood is involved in the production, but I loved the original choose your adventure ending. If I watch season two, I’ll never choose my own ending again!

I also love love love OITNB. I was a theatre major in a previous life and I love to watch talented actors doing what they do. The women on that show are amazing!

Speaking of talented actors doing what they do- The Sopranos is my all time favorite ever.

This sounds like all I do is watch television and I didn’t even touch on any comedies or what we like to call ”stupid” tv…


I still watch Grey’s too!


Me too


I feel so old school. I like sit-coms…Big Bang, Young Sheldon and American Housewife are my favorites. Also, I like The Good Doctor. My favorite movies are anything starring Melissa McCarthy and Madea.


I started watching that on Hulu a couple ,moths ago. Then I stopped. I gotta catch up again.


Forgot about this one! I’ve cried at every episode and I am not a crier :slight_smile:


I always thought about what if Lady Gaga’s poor grandma is flipping through the channels one night and lands on this…