When painting hair,


So gorgeous! I hope I can get this good!


Thanks. That makes a big difference.


@ECNRebornBabies hair painting goals :star_struck:


I love it and it’s inexpensive! Let me know how you like it. The batteries last a very long time. :hugs:


@Granna found this thread for your hair.


Awesome @coastalcuties I’d love to learn to paint with air dry like that!


Someone liked my comment above about prisma pencils from a couple months ago so I read it again…guess what? Im back to using them again, they work well for eyebrows and if I put a bit of liquitex matte gel down they draw on the vinyl easier.
I also just got some brushes from MacPhersons and the larger hair painting kit from the RebornFX line…I love the brushes, especially the needle point brush. Im still practicing, not yet ready to paint on a doll. Right now Im painting my LE kits so Ill wait until I do another one of my realborns or one of my older kits to try to paint hair again.
I think the brushes really make a big difference and the consistency of the paint, of course.


thank you so much Anne :slight_smile:


This blonde hair looks so realistic!!


Thank you, Cindy. It ended up to be the easiest hair I’ve ever painted. It was a thick mix of paint and it went on so well. It didn’t take as long as darker hair.


I love this hair did you use paint 3d with Christine wooley


No, I did this before I learned about her course. I think I sold this baby spring of 2018. I used an old tutorial that I purchased from Linda Moore, which she no longer sells.


Thank you for reply


Love the way you did it


Thanks! :blush: