Who has a wix website ? Is it any good?


I am currently using tripod and need to get a new site ! I can’t get any answers from customer service how to get my pics to show up when i am trying to edit …

What kind of Wix sight do you have ? online store ? what is the best option there for the different options offered and should i get an online store or what do you suggest … I also need to get a domain name but can’t find the price.


sorry if this is in the wrong place …was not sure where to put it.


I’ve not used wix. i’ve used wordpress a LOT though.


I have just recently set up a wix site. I don’t know yet how good it is. :unamused:


I have a WIX website and love it. It was pretty easy to figure out.



I haven’t used wix, but I keep seeing ads for the site. Humm … just did a search and apparently the website is free? This link says it does not offer eCommerce, which is what you want if you sell your dolls on your website. Tho you could link Wix to eBay to sell your dolls, but I think eBay charges a percentage of sales. http://www.hostingadvice.com/how-to/free-web-hosting/

I recently set up a website with GoDaddy just to show case my dolls to start with. I will refer registered users to my eBay page when I get a doll ready to sell. I also use my eBay page to refer buyers to my website. I plan to sell on eBay first. I paid a total of $12 for one year, which is the introductory price. After one year, the regular price kicks in, which is much more expensive, but when I start selling dolls, it shouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t used the selling option on my website yet because I’ve been too busy in college, but GoDaddy does provide this benefit (might cost extra?).

If interested in GoDaddy, in order to get this $12 dollar deal, you have to do a general web search for domains/hosting/websites and just keep searching until you see the $12 price come up (i.e., don’t go directly to a website, but get linked to it from a top 10 page) - it takes time and effort to get this amazing deal. Also, the domain name was free with the promotional deal! [NOTE: I just did a lengthy search and eventually found the deal, so here is the link (https://www.godaddy.com/offers/default.aspx?tmskey=1domwebhost_3&isc=hos1g207&cvosrc=ppc.google.best%20web%20hosting&cvo_crid=166242129291&matchtype=p&advid=154805&mkwid=sAczrYwg7_pcrid_166242129291_pkw_best%20web%20hosting_pmt_p_pdv_c&aud=nonbrand&&gclid=Cj0KEQjwuZvIBRD-8Z6B2M2Sy68BEiQAtjYS3KrDoaaFXQNvb5gvANod3iWFLmtjuSRjpactah0ze2kaAuHm8P8HAQ&mkwid=sAczrYwg7_166242129291_best%20web%20hosting_p_c&mtid=esfyia2vf0&slid=&product_id=) Sorry about the long link, but the short link option did not work.]

BTW: I did not have a problem uploading pictures and GoDaddy gives you predetermined themes to select from and allows users minor control over changes @ $12 such as color, text style, page design, etc. Here is my website in case you want an example. http://lesbebesdedeloche.com/ I don’t have any dolls on it yet, so I used my model reborn doll to practice how I want everything to look. Plus, I am learning photography and used my model doll to help with the process. I will start making dolls beginning of June and plan to turn one out each week @ 40 hours per doll or so I’ve read (with hair).

Good luck.

[1st NOTE: GoDaddy is not the easiest site to use, but at the $12/year price I was willing to try it. I think GoDaddy was #3 out of the top 10 popular websites that included ease of use as one parameter when I purchased my website. GoDaddy is now listed as #10 of Best Hosting Sites according to consumer-ranking.com with a ranking of 9.6 out of 10 on 5-1-17. PC magazine has GoDaddy as #6 http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2426600,00.asp ]

[2nd Note: Now, BlueHost seems to be the best for new small businesses, but cost more up front for 3 years and GoDaddy would be more expensive after the 1st year. You can always transfer your domain name from GoDaddy to BlueHost after the 1st year is up. Here is a link for some details for BlueHost. https://www.ventureharbour.com/web-hosting-guide/ and another link on pricing http://hosting.editorsreview.org/top15bh.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=genericsearch&kclickid=19ab5870-f02a-463b-9a1a-9db1e293bb63&utm_source=google&utm_medium=genericsearch&gclid=Cj0KEQjwuZvIBRD-8Z6B2M2Sy68BEiQAtjYS3ESCWdUH5Nz7I7WHxNO1og2cvA2beeizJg1pBIKSXKIaAlQW8P8HAQ I hope this helps. Sorry about this long link]

Too much info? I suppose I enjoyed the learning process via my research this evening while trying to verify my GoDaddy info from a few months ago.


Yes, using the WIX site was free, however, by the time you purchased your domain name for a year and a few other things, which I cannot remember, is about $150 total for 12 months. I didn’t think that was too bad.



Thank you for the info ladies … I just got home from visiting my mom for her birthday today.


I have a Wix website, but I wish I had a domain for my website address. It’s still a nice set up!


I have one. Dont forget to subscribe!:blush: Heres the link to it: