Who here made the baby I am remembering?


I don’t know how I missed the rest of this post! Love the crackle!


I got my tiny head and am thinking maybe I will try and paint it to look like a genuine oldie…maybe something kinda like this.


Cute and scary, lol!


Especially that bottom one lol. This is an opened eyed baby too



I had a doll that looked like this when I was alil girl - it’s eyes had come out and they clanked in the head - it was my favorite doll to play with lol - I m thinking it’s in a trunk in my
Moms attic - I m sure the body is dry rotted by. Ow but I m gonna look for it lol

Awesome pics @nikkiroc !


Is this your work? Wow these are amazing!


If you find it snap some pics of the natural aging so we can have more inspiration photos to work with. I really couldn’t find too much on google images. I will try Pinterest next


No, not mine… on eBay actually! But they were so perfect to add to this thread, o had to share!


Just checking, great addition to our thread! thanks for the inspiration


Nope, wasn’t me. You probably thought of me because I used to be a dolly doctor of the antique kind.