Who's Jake?


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I was wondering also. If I remember correctly wasn’t BB supposed to be creating a baby for a movie production, creating to look like the star? Maybe Jake is this baby?


I’ve been wondering why there’s no kit to view either.


Willow Flower is the debut kit at ROSE so she should be ready to order soon. I don’t know about Jake?


Jake and Willow Flower should both be released sometime late August.

I hope there aren’t any more delays. Grant is pulling at my purse strings, too. I really like his pudgy nose.


Jake is now stated as late September, but we haven’t seen any prototypes. HMMMMMM…


Alrighty then. It’s September 30th. How much later in September can we get? :disappointed:


Lolol they still have a few hours! :sleeping:


This better be a must-have kit for me. Hopefully, a newborn sleeper with full limbs.


I am excited to see!!!


here is the first prototype. I like the mouth, but the eyes are wonky in Letha’s. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/291578320923?


Thanks, Pia.
He looks a lot like Willow in the face, but a different mouth. The hands and feet appear to have lots of detailing from what I can see. It says that he has 3/4 legs, but they look full in the pics. If not, then they probably could be used on a front load body.
I don’t particularly like the way she set the eyes. Plus, he needs more lashes. I am not a fan of rooted lashes on open-eyed babies. It never seems to be enough on most of them. Lashes really soften the eyes and change the whole look of the reborn.
All in all, a bit disappointed he isn’t a sleeper.


Most of Donna’s babies could be siblings, but then most of LLEs could too and Marita’s as well… I think most of the sculptors have a recognizable “style”! I won’t buy this kit" - not much appeals to me except the mouth.