Whose belly plate is this?


Hi everybody,
I need your help…I came across an extra belly plate I never used—I think it came with a kit but the customer wanted a girl so I left it out. It’s different—(are you supposed to cut it out?). I’m trying to find out what kit it goes to in case I decide to sell it. It’s marked “Burke” on the side, but I don’t recall buying any Burke babies… help :disappointed:


Possibly from a Conny Burke kit?


I remember cutting out one of those several years ago, but can’t remember what kit it was. Several artists could have done them, but for some reason, I have Laura Tuzio Ross’s Melody in my mind. You could still sell it without knowing the kit name, though. I would measure the length and look up cloth body lengths to see what size kit it fits.


A few years ago I bought boy and girl belly plates that were connected. You do have to cut them out. An X-acto knife works well for that.


I never bought one. It was probably in 2017 during the Arya and Adeline era…


Its looks like ping lau


Yeah, I was just going to say that my Mei Lien by Ping Lau came with one of those. I kinda like it now I don’t need to worry about where Im going to put the plate when Im painting it and Im assuming you just cut around the edge with a scalpel or exacto knife.


Yes that what I heard