Windsor Newton Brush cleaner alternatives


I need to know whats in the paint remover so i can go to the local German DIY store and try and find an alternative to remove Genesis paint.


Any paint thinner you use should work.


You could try a paint thinner or maybe alcohol?
But I could find Windsor and Newton at a local craft store in the Netherlands as well. Have you asked the staff?


Strong isopropyl alcohol(91% or 99%) works very well at removing both genesis and airdry paints and varnishes.


@anjsmiles @deedee2413 @sweetiepieapril Thank you ladies I was so lost in the DIY shop but anyways two boys working there tried their best to help i have ended up with a brush cleaner and 94% alcohol xx


Just be careful with that alcohol. That stuff is very flammable!


Oh now you have me worried :confused: stupidly that never entered my head. I will get the alcohol out of the house lol and start with the brush cleaner x


If you can, keep it outside in a shed or something similar and use it outside only.


@deedee2413 thank you x


Don’t worry about it too much, just do not use it near a candle or other open flame. It doesn’t spontaneously combust. The flammability range is between 2 and 12.7% of vapor in air. While in the bottle, stored away from heat and naked flame it is quite safe. The odorless thinners are also flammable, as is acetone, all need to be stored in cool place, in securely closed containers, away from open flame and heat.


My son used to use “Simple Green” to strip his warhammer models. A few weeks ago I was stripping a head.I had “Mean Green” from dollar tree (not sure if it’s the same). That stuff about stripped everything right off. This was a practice head not too sure what I did to it. I did have to scrub the sealer a bit because i could see it and work on the creases Then I washed as usual. Both products are supposed to be safe-health wiseimageimage


I use mean green to clean with and that stuff will clean just about anything.


Thank you @ludmila with the toddler around i get paranoid . I tried the alcohol and after a few minutes the vinyl split . I wasnt pressing hard and started with just a rag .


Thank you @marleeton @MaryJane x


100% isopropyl alcohol will not damage the vinyl