WIP on Priscilla


I really dislike her pursed lips, it looks so unnatural to me it’s such a shame, cos on the other photos of Priscilla she had lovely full lips in a beautiful shape when not pursed. I had purchased her as a gift reborn for my Mum, but I dislike her so much I can’t give her to my Mum.


Yes I see what you mean and I don’t like the lips either. You do an amazing job painting your babies!


She looks darling the way you painted her. Your mom may love her!


I feel the same way! Many of these babies are so darling but does not look like the actual baby!!! Their features are thrown off, either mouth or eyes or head shape.


I kinda feel the same way about those lips. It’s like they caught her in the middle of a stretch or something. Those lips would purse like that for about 3 seconds at most. When I see a picture of Priscilla with those lips, it seems okay…like the camera caught the second she puckered up. But when you see the doll sitting there, forever puckered…it doesn’t look right. She looks uncomfortable sitting there eternally waiting for a kiss. :see_no_evil:


She has always reminded me of the kissy-face “duck-lip” pictures that teenaged girls take of themselves. Therefore I could never “like” this sculpt.


I think she is beautiful, Her lips are painted very pretty but I do not care for them in the side view how they come out so far. The pucker would be cute on a sitting baby with open eyes.


She looks better with a pacifier :slight_smile:

That said, I do love my Priscilla…still think she’s cute!


Hmmm I bought her, have not painted her yet. Her lips do not look as extreme in the prototype ones…Do you think they recreated a fuller longer lip line somehow with paint? Because I agree with you I am not loving how extreme the lips look…


I love this sculpt because of her lips… but it depends on how the artist paints them. :grinning::kiss:


Im painting her as well…the main problem I have is that she seems to eat paint, everything I put on her she soaks up. I have given in and will let her be light skinned but I just can’t get her skin to look real…Ill just keep trying. Im not real thrilled about her lips either so Im going to try to work on them a bit more as well. Silvia certainly managed to make them look good, didnt she?
I think yours look good as well, they look more natural than some Ive seen.


yes I agree I was looking at the prototype ones myself as it didn’t look as extreme, but you can still see the end line where there is no lip, so not sure how they’ve captured them like that, I will try and zoom in and have a closer look again.


I just had a close look at her lips on other Silvia’s photos of her, and they are painted the same way mine are, so I think it’s just the photos aren’t as close up as mine so doesn’t look as bad, mine at this stage have like a lighter outline around the lips that hers doesn’t but thats the only difference. So I will just have to see how she looks when I finish her and decide whether to give her to my Mum or not.


I think she is cute. And I’m very sure your mom would love her.


Absolutely the photo can make a huge difference! I still think she is very beautiful, do not get me wrong, I still will enjoy painting her AND that challenging mouth lol!


I love her! :heart_eyes: Reminds me of babies who mimic sucking (like they are being fed) in their sleep …probably they dream about drinking milk lol so cute! :sparkling_heart: :blush:

EDIT Presley (her brother btw) has the exact same expression…I wonder how they captured it or if they “helped” along… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


The most natural and nicest looking Realborn to me is Madison, she looks so peacefully sleeping, her lips relaxed along with the rest of her. Darren is another favourite along with Quinn.


Okay you just made me add her to my must have list! She is so adorable!


They have some really cute ones, I just dont feel they look like the real baby. Here is my ana


I always feel like they try to “enhance” them and it doesn’t work, at least not for me…