WIP on Priscilla


We will see what the future holds. Jaycee was on it and one of my favorites!


Johannah looks to have nice features


I agree, I am very excited about her!


Your mom may love her


Sold my Priscilla yesterday. She starts her journey home today :slight_smile:


Congratulations, I am going to start painting my Priscilla tonight!


I can see what you mean, but I would have painted her differently. I would have made the lips wider on the sides.


I looked at doing that but the way her lips are, I didn’t think that would work, the lip outlines are very obvious unlike other sculpts where you can alter the outline


I think they definitely sloped the lips more at the corners both top and bottom to give them a softer look.


nope I zoomed right in to the photos, and they are exactly as I have done them, i think it’s just the photos aren’t close up like mine. You can’t paint beyond I tried that it doesn’t work with how the outline and with how far out they sit from the side closed edges


Here’s the one I painted ~ I loved the pouty mouth:


She’s beautiful, Karen!


I looked at my one this morning and thought she’s not bad, but I would have preferred that they did one off one of the other photos that showed her lovely lips in a relaxed position as she has lovely full lips


Priscella and Jaycee are my new favs❤️


Karen, may I ask what colors did you use for her lips? Thank you!